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Monday, August 28, 2017

Show Sushi

Show Sushi
957 W Arrow Hwy
San Dimas, CA 91773

A few doors east of Cafe Bagelry, is Show Sushi a very popular all you can eat sushi restaurant.  There are always people waiting outside and people keep coming into the restaurant!

As you walk in you notice two sushi bars and a huge middle area with tables.  There is a little notch with a few more tables.  It can get a bit loud inside, but it's a nice place for dinner.

They have the all you can eat dinner for $26.99.  They have a huge assortment of rolls and the nigri sushi. When going to an all you can eat sushi restaurant, you're not expecting top of the line quality sushi.  I do expect the sushi to be fresh.  That's what I got at Show Sushi.  All the nigiri and rolls were good.  Fresh fish, they could have put more fish on some of the rolls, but overall good. My only issue was that the rice was too loose, it wasn't sticky enough.  You could pick up the sushi and the rice fell apart.

Nigiri sushi- shrimp, yellowtail, and tuna.
Red snapper nigiri
Halibut nigiri.
 Popcorn scallop-deep fried baby scallops, inside crab and avocado.
 Shrimp lovers roll- shrimp and avocado.  Inside-shrimp tempura, crab, avocado, cucumber.
 Hawaiian Roll-tuna and avocado.  Inside-crab, avocado, cucumber.
 Tiger roll-shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, and cucumber.
 Baked scallops- baked baby scallops. Inside crab and avocado.
Cajun tuna hand roll.

I sat at the sushi bar.  Service from the server is good.  From the sushi chef is slow.  The server came around often, refilled drinks and asked if I needed anything.  When I put in my first order to the sushi chef, which included both nigiri and rolls, I got the nigiri very quickly.  But, it took forever to get the rolls!  I even ordered a second round of nigiri before I got my first order of rolls.  When I asked the sushi chef where my order was, he said it was coming!  A few seconds later he realized he placed the rolls on the counter for pickup.  Somehow, even though I was sitting at the sushi bar, he thought my order was for another table.  My later roll orders came out fairly quickly.  I understand the sushi chefs are very busy, but come on get organized!  But, this could be a tactic for all you can eat sushi restaurants who have a time limit, so people don't eat too much.  Now, I didn't see anything that said you had a time limit at Sushi Show.  But, while waiting, it did cross my mind.  I didn't keep track but I'm guessing I spent about an hour at Sushi Show, so it wasn't an issue.   

The hostess could stand to smile and be more friendly.  I walked inside and put my name down, while the hostess rang up some orders.  When she was done, she just asked how many. No, hi, welcome to Show Sushi.

I also think they should have a more detailed menu.  The menu made no mention of hand rolls.  I only knew about the hand rolls, when the couple next to me ordered some hand rolls.  They could also include the price of the dinner.  Nobody told me the price, but I knew the price because people I know recently at at Show Sushi.

I would go back to Show Sushi.  The sushi is good and I'll chalk up the slow service from the sushi chefs to just being off that night.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hans’ Homemade Ice Cream

Hans’ Homemade Ice Cream
440 S Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805

Hans’ Homemade Ice Cream near the South Coast Plaza has been on my bucketlist of places to try since 2011.  But, since it is in the disgusting Orange County and their pretentious jerk people, I wasn't in a rush to get there.  When, I found out that they opened a location in the Anaheim Packing House, I rushed down there, since it is close by and Anaheim isn't as bad as going near the South Coast Plaza.

Originally, I had planned just to go to Hans' for ice cream.  But, it was near dinner time and I saw The Chippy Fish & Grill, so I had dinner there first and then stopped in for dessert!  When I left to go to my car, I saw a sign that said no pictures are allowed inside the Packing House!!  Really?  In this day and age of social media, a popular place doesn't want people taking pictures?  Give me a break! Who the hell is managing this facility?  On Yelp, Hans has 22 PAGES of pictures!!

Double scoop with pistachio almond and rocky road, $5.75.  I like chocolate and ice cream with almonds and pistachio.  I liked the fact that this ice cream had a ton of nuts in both flavors.  Not skimping on the nuts.  But, overall the ice cream is good, not great, certainly not worth a drive to Santa Ana.  I think Fosselman's is better and I'm not a huge fan of Fosselman's.

Service is good.

I'm glad I finally checked off Hans' from my bucketlist!  I don't need to waste my money or driving into the deplorable Orange County for this ice cream.

The Chippy Fish & Grill

The Chippy Fish & Grill
440 S Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805

Located in the Packing House and across the complex from Umami Burger, is The Chippy Fish & Grill.  They are in the main Packing House, which is really a mall food court on steroids.  They are all kinds of food inside the Packing House.  It can be very busy and parking is a nightmare!

I originally went to the Packing House to go to Hans’ Homemade Ice Cream, so I didn't want to order a ton of food.  So, I only got a piece of fish and shrimp.  I skipped the fries!

Cod fish, $3.35 and jumbo shrimp, $1.99.  My tastes buds have evolved, so now I can tell if fried fish and shrimp, is frozen or made fresh.  Without a doubt this is from a frozen batch.  While the batter for the cod was light and there were a lot of cod, it was way too oily and greasy.  I'm guessing the frozen fish was placed into the oil before the oil was hot enough.  The jumbo shrimp was huge, frozen but for some reason not nearly as oily as the fish.  This was fine, and actually a good price for the size of the shrimp.

Service was OK.  The cashier knew his stuff.  There have been so many times when I've asked what kind of fish they used for the fish and chips, and the person had no clue.  That is bad training by the management.  When I got my food, the guy was ok, but he could have said sauces are over to the right.  Instead he just gave me my order.  I would think management would tell him to tell customers, many like me we are first timers, that the sauces are on the end of the counter. 

I wouldn't go back to The Chippy.  Frozen, greasy fish?  No thanks!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Luggage Room Pizzeria

The Luggage Room Pizzeria
260 S Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105

Luggage Room Pizzeria is next door to La Grande Orange Cafe, and the space was actually the luggage room for the train station!  It's been on my list of places to try for almost three years! 

It's a fairly small area, with the bar being the center focus.  The kitchen, with a pizza oven, is to the left as you walk into the restaurant.  There have an outdoor dining area out front.  It's very dark inside, as there isn't much natural lighting. 

Our margherita- $13. roasted tomatoes, housemade mozzarella & basil.  The crust is very good, a good solid texture and cooked perfectly.  The toppings were fresh, but the tomatoes were too tangy!  Not a fan of the sauce.  Of the eight slices on this pizza, two had no or very little sauce and cheese!  Spread out the topping better!

Service was good.

Frankly, I was expecting more from The Luggage Room Pizzeria.  The pizza overall was good, but their prices are high.  If I wanted to build my own pizza, spinach would be $2, but mushrooms would be $3 plus the $11 base price. This pizza isn't worth $16!  I waited almost three years to try this place and was disappointed.  I won't go back.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Pomona Valley Mining Co

Pomona Valley Mining Co
1777 Gillette Rd
Pomona, CA 91768

The Pomona Valley Mining Co has been around since at least the 1970's, overlooking Pomona and the 10 freeway.  It's outlasted it's other hill top restaurant, Castaways, which is now Coco Palm.  There may have been another restaurant between Castaways and Coco Palm.  If you remember the name, email me.

David Allen wrote about Cask N Cleaver's 50th anniversary, and mentioned they still have a self service salad bar; something which gained popularity in the 1970's, but that fad slowly went out with bell bottoms and shag carpets!!  I got to wondering what restaurants still have a self service salad bar and remembered the Pomona Valley Mining Co.  I was surprised David hasn't written about it in his blog.  Then I checked the Dining in Pomona blog, and since he expanded his dining adventures from Garey Ave, he may have reviewed Pomona Valley Mining Co.  But, to my surprise also didn't have a review.  Dining in Pomona's review has been posted!

I decided to invite both David and Dining in Pomona for a dinner at Pomona Valley Mining Co.  We agreed on a day, and luckily David drove his own car and not his rental truck!

The decor of Pomona Valley Mining Co hasn't changed since the 1970's.  It's suppose to look like a mining shaft, and the mining equipment is suppose to be from the actual nearby mines.  The dining area is mostly along the top to bottom glass wall, that gives you a great view of Pomona, the 10 freeway and elephant hill!  Above the dining area is the salad bar, sorry I forgot to take a picture.  

Shrimp and scallop scampi, $26, with salad bar and rice pilaf.  The salad bar comes with all entrees ordered.  The salad bar itself is $18.  The salad bar is fresh, with lettuce and other veggies, but nothing outstanding and not many choices.  They did have three different soups available too.  I got the corn chowder, which was too sweet for my tastes.

The rice pilaf was ok, a bit bland, needed more seasoning.  What they call scampi, I call a cream sauce.  I have never seen such a white cream sauce on seafood.  The shrimp were pretty good, medium size, and well cooked.  The scallops, I bet are frozen and were too chewy and mushy for my tastes.  Overall this dish was ok.

Service was good.  Our server came around often, she could have refilled drinks both water and other drinks, more often, but I thought she was good overall.

I should add one thing.  I always find it weird when a hostess of an nearly empty restaurant asks if I made reservations!  I mean, the night we were there if you added up all the people that were there for the 2 hours or so we were there, only about 70% of the dining area would be filled.  

Pomona Valley Mining Co is a place you have to try at least once, even if the food is just average.

Monday, August 21, 2017


943 N Broadway Ste 102
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Burgerlords was listed in the Top 9 best veggie burgers in LA by Discover LA.  I already tired and loved The Park's veggie burger, so I was looking forward to trying other veggie burgers.  But, when I read that Burgerlords is owned by the sons of the owner of Oinkster, I had some doubts.  Why? About 3-4 years ago I tried the veggie burger at Oinkster and found out it was a veggie patty they bought at a store!!  Not home made!  But, I was near Chinatown and figured I would give them a try.

Located a few feet east of the Bruce Lee statue, Burgerlords is trying to copy In N Out or trying to be the hipster In N Out.  The Chinatown location is a to go place, but there are a few tables.  I don't know who is responsible for cleaning the tables, but they needed a good cleaning.  So much trash on the ground nearby!  You would never see that at In N Out!

Fries, $2.25.  Their website says shoestring private reserve, Kennebec potatoes.  I have a feeling there are frozen.  But, they were cook very well and seasoned.  I liked the fries, and the portion size is huge!

Vegan cheeseburger, $6.50.  At least Burgerlords makes their own veggie patty!  From their website:"made fresh, in house everyday.  It consists of a custom blend of vegetables, grains & spices that includes nuts, gluten & soy. "  I could taste and see barley, roasted mushrooms, eggplant, leeks, chickpeas, and cashews as Discover LA mentioned.  This burger is very dry and flavorless.  I wasn't impressed.  Maybe if there were more of the vegan thousand island dressing.  Hell, maybe just some salt and pepper.  I wasn't impressed and thought the $6.50 price tag is way too high!

Service was fine.  They were nice and the food came out quickly.

But, just as I was finishing my meal, I noticed they put this sign up in the window.  WTF is that?  What business worth a damn does that?  There were three people working.  Unless there is an emergency, then there is no reason to close the restaurant!   There were at least six people waiting while this sign was up.  I don't think this burger is worth the wait!

I wouldn't go back to Burgerlords again!  If douchebag hipsters want to spend $6.50 for a veggie or beef burger, basically 50% higher than a double-double at In N Out be my guest.  I'm not going back to Burgerlords!

Sunday, August 20, 2017


1523 S Bundy Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90025

I am working my way through the 2016 16 best places to get a slice pizza according to Eater.  The link goes to the 2017 17 best places to get a slice of pizza.  They took out Slicetruck from 2016, added Delicious Pizza and NY & C Pizza-which maybe closed now!  Gjelina Take Away is the last pizza I need to try from the 2016 list.  Debating if I should go to Delicious.

While I order a whole freshly baked pie, it should be good, right? I haven't been to six places from that list before, so I went and loved all of them;  Pie Life Pizza in Pasadena, Pizzanista, Pellicola-which is now closed, Joe's Pizza, The Coop, and Prime Pizza. The other places on the list I've been to before I saw the list are; Abbott's Pizza Company, Lamonica's New York Pizza, D'Amore's Pizza, Vito's, Village Pizzeria, Town Pizza, Tomato Pie, and Mulberry Street Pizza.  Then last week I tried Barone’s The Pizzeria Express, which was terrible!

Slicetruck, as the name suggests, started out as a food truck about five years ago.  They opened a store on Sawtelle, then relocated to their current location on Bundy.  This is a small restaurant with beautiful tile work on the walls.  There are about 8-10 seats along the counter, otherwise this is a take out location.

12in with spinach and mushrooms, $18.53 with tax.  I noticed later the menub price for a 12in pizza is $15 plus $1.50 for each veggie topping.  That would be $18 and tax on $18 is not 53 cents. 

The first thing I notice was the wonderful crust!  Maybe the closet thing to New York City crust here in the Los Angeles area!  Firm, with great texture, but chewy. The sauce was fantastic, not overpowering, just full of flavor.  The toppings were fresh!  You can tell they use quality ingredients on this pizza.

Now people are going to complain about the high prices, but this isn't a cheap pizza with with cheap ingredients!  I believe the sauce is made with canned tomatoes, but everything else is quality fresh ingredients!!

Service was very good.  Nice people who care about customer service and are willing to talk about their restaurant and pizza!

I'm not sure why LA Easter took out Slicetruck from their 2017 list.  This is great pizza and considering one of the three new places listed for 2017 has already closed, NY & C Pizza; and Pellicola has also closed, it's stupid not to include Slicetruck!

If Slicetruck was closer I would go much more often.  It's a great pizza place.  Don't complain about the high prices.  Enjoy the quality ingredients in your pizza!!  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Umami Burger - Anaheim

Umami Burger
338 S Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805

I recently found out about the Impossible Burger, a 100% plant based burger that is suppose to taste just like beef, and it bleeds too!  I guess after a ton of research and money spent to finding a plant based burger that tastes like meat, the Impossible people found that heme is the key ingredient for the burger.  In the back of my mind, I'm thinking this is engineered food, you know the GMO's that has every company putting Non GMO on their labels.  Something that came out of a science lab! 

Now, I'm not a fan of fake meats!  I'll try it but if I wanted to eat meat I would just eat meat.  I understand some restaurants are trying to attract people who maybe trying to eat healthy or if they are a vegetarian restaurant they will want to offer something to appeal to the meat eater in the group. 

I've tried the veggie burger made with mushrooms and edamame patty, at the Umami in Costa Mesa and it was terrible. I noticed that they have replaced that veggie burger with a falafel veggie burger. Umami burgers are not vegetarian or vegan.  They use a fish sauce in all their burgers, thus making it pescatarian.  I have heard they use that fish sauce in the ketchup, but I can't confirm that.  The bun contains eggs, which would prevent vegans from eating.  They do not have diary-free cheese. But, they can make a vegan Impossible Burger.

Impossible burger $16, two Impossible Burger patties, caramelized onions, American cheese, miso-mustard, house spread, dill pickles, lettuce, tomato.  The patties did taste a lot like beef, but there was a weird texture to the patty.  A bit chewy and even if I didn't know this was a plant-based burger before, the first bite would have told me it wasn't a meat burger.  It's ok, nothing great and I certainly don't think it's worth the price.

Service is ok.The hostess was nice, but when I walked in there were plenty of tables open but she went off to set up table and didn't come back for a few minutes.  Then a guy, who turned out to be my server, asked how many, and I was seated right away.  WTF was that hostess doing??  The server was nice, friendly, knowledgeable about the mean, and really helpful.  When I ordered the Impossible Burger, he told me it is not vegetarian or vegan.  Since, I'm pescatarian, I was fine with that.  But, many servers have no idea about the menu.  That's very poor training on the part of the management!  Have the chefs tell the servers what is in the dishes!  I don't care if the servers don't remember all the ingredients, and they need a "cheat sheet," just give me the damn correct information.

I only went to Umami to try the Impossible Burger.  I won't return to either Umami or give the Impossible Burger another try.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Park

The Park
1400 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

I found a listing of the best veggie burgers in LA by Discover LA, and noticed that The Park was listed.  Hole in the Wall Burger, that I reviewed their beef burgers was also on the list.  Since I've passed by The Park many times, I decided to give them a try!  I was lucky to go on a Wednesday when it's Burger Night, when all burgers are half priced.

The Park is a small restaurant with some seating outside.  I like sitting outside but since the restaurant is right on Sunset Blvd, it can be very busy!

Home-made veggie burger, regular price $11.  Wednesday Burger night, $5.  with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and pickle with fries.  WOW, what a great veggie burger!  The patty is made with lentils, sweet potato, bulgur, mushrooms, and breadcrumbs; and is just great.  Nice texture, full of flavor.  I did add some mustard and ketchup!  I could tell this was really home made and not some store bought process crap.  The patty held together pretty well,  but you could see it almost break apart.  I think that's a good sign because processed patties are held together by all sorts of crap.  While a homemade burger has very few ingredients!

Service was friendly but a bit slow.  I realize the sorry LA dodgers were playing that night, and many fans dropped in before the game.  But, it took awhile for them to come and take my order, to bring the check, and to get change.

One thing though, the my total came to $5.45.  I paid cash, a $20 bill, and got no coins as change.   So I left $1 as a tip when added to the 55 cents, that's more than fair.  But, when I counted my change later that night, I found that received $15 in change.  I feel bad and the next time I go to The Park, I will make up for leaving a bad tip.

I would go back to The Park for their veggie burger anytime!  It's a steal at $5 and a great burger at the $11 regular menu price.

Monday, August 14, 2017

De Soto Pharmacy

De Soto Pharmacy
20914 Roscoe Boulevard
Canoga Park, CA 91304

After having terrible pizza at Barone’s The Pizzeria Express, I went to DeSoto Pharmacy/Jerry's Soda Shop for some ice cream!  As the name suggests, this is a pharmacy with a soda shop.

The soda shop is has a small counter with about ten stools and a couple tables. 

Two scoop strawberry sundae, with cherry vanilla and toasted almond, $8.20 with tax.  They use Fosselman's Ice Cream which is good stuff.  The ice cream I picked was great, much better than the flavor I had my first time at Fosselman's, and the toppings were good.

Service was good.

If I lived in the Valley, I would go to De Soto Pharmacy.  But, since they use Fosselman's Ice Cream, there is no need to drive all the way out to the Valley.  I  can just go to Alhambra and get the samething!

Barone’s The Pizzeria Express

Barone’s The Pizzeria Express
22435 Ventura Blvd Ste D
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

I am working my way through the 2016 16 best places to get a slice pizza according to Eater.  The link goes to the 2017 17 best places to get a slice of pizza.  They took out Slicetruck from 2016, added Delicious Pizza and NY & C Pizza-which maybe closed now!  Gjelina Take Away is the last pizza I need to try from the 2016 list.  Debating if I should go to Delicious.

While I order a whole freshly baked pie, it should be good right? I haven't been to six places from that list before, so I went and loved all of them;  Pie Life Pizza in Pasadena, Pizzanista, Pellicola-which is now closed, Joe's Pizza, The Coop, and Prime Pizza. The other places on the list I've been to before I saw the list are; Abbott's Pizza Company, Lamonica's New York Pizza, D'Amore's Pizza, Vito's, Village Pizzeria, Town Pizza, Tomato Pie, and Mulberry Street Pizza.

I reviewed Barone's Famous Italian Restaurant back in 2011 and thought it was the same.  But apparently that Barone's is the original and eventually they owners split up and opened Barone’s The Pizzeria Express, which also delivers.

Located on Ventura Blvd. Barone’s The Pizzeria Express is a small restaurant with a few tables inside and a nice covered, if dirty patio.  The seats and tables had leaves from the covering.  They need to do a better job of keeping the patio area clean.

Medium mushrooms and jalapenos, $18.56 with tax.  This pizza was flat out terrible!  What a waste of money!  The crust was cracker thin and bad.  The pizza was a bit too well done.  The sauce was just bland.  The toppings weren't that plenitful, not many mushrooms on there.

Service was good.

I would never go back to Barone’s The Pizzeria Express, the pizza is terrible and not even worth the price!!  This is the first place on the list by Eater that I feel should not be on the list!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Brew & Meatball Co

The Brew & Meatball Co
325 N Citrus Ave
Covina, CA 91723

The Brew & Meatball Co. is a fairly new gastropub in Covina.  Everything I read they offer some very good food, some that you wouldn't expect from a bar.  They are known for their meatballs.  You choose what kind of meatballs you want-beef, pork, beef and pork, veggie, or turkey.  Then you choose what kind of "bed' spaghetti, veggies, mashed potatoes, and then the kind of sauce you want.

It's a good sized bar with plenty of seating inside and a nice shaded seating outside.  It wasn't that busy for lunch when we went.  But, there was a steady flow of people, including my take out orders.

Tater tots, $5.95.  I almost always order tater tots if I see them on the menu.  Today was no exception.  They were great because they just came out of the fryer!  They weren't greasy at all, well seasoned.  Of course they are frozen, premade tater tots, but they were great!

Veggie meatballs, on steamed veggies, and marinara sauce, $8.95, lunch price price.  Regular price is $10.59.

The marinara sauce was very good.  Rich, hearty, full of flavor.  The veggies included broccoli and carrots, which I ate.  They also included zucchini and squash, which I hate and never eat!

Now the veggie meatball.  Another veggie I hate is beets!!  I just hate them.  But once I cut into the veggie meatball it was clear this was made with beets.  They were ok, but since I hate beets, it isn't my favorite.  I wouldn't order this again.  My friend had the beef meatballs and he really liked them.

Service was very good.

If you like beets, you'll love the veggie meatballs.  If you eat meat, you'll love the meatballs. I just don't happen to like beets and I don't eat meat, so their veggie meatballs weren't my cup of tea.  But, I think The Brew & Meatball Co. do a very good job and I would go back just for the tater tots!!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

California Donuts

California Donuts
3540 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90020

I knew about the fresh strawberry and peach donuts from Donut Man in Glendora.  But, until recently I never knew about the snickers donut at California Donut!!  So, I made a trip down to Koreatown and see what this snickers donut was all about.

California Donuts is open 24 hours and located in a very busy strip mall.  Parking is terrible here.  There is usually a line but the line moves quickly!

Bear claw- $1.95.  This was ok.  They had the apple and raisins inside.  Nothing special and I wouldn't order this again.

Snickers donut, $3. I thought the snickers donut was just a donut with peanuts, carmel, and chocolate with the donut replacing the nougat!  But, instead there is an entire snickers bar inside the donut!!  I'll repeat that, there is an entire snickers bar inside the donut!  This is an awesome donut.  Not as sweet as you might expect.  But, just wonderful!!

Service is good.  Nice people and the line moves quickly!

I would go back to California just for the snickers donut.  But, they have other donuts like the fruity peebles, thin mints, samoa, and a panda donut made with Oreo cookies!! I'll be back soon!!


17490 Colima Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

After Pieology, I forgot about Pizza Rev, another contender that are striving to be the "Subway" of pizza along with Project Pie, and Blaze.  Located in a very busy strip mall, that has a sandwich shop, a seafood grill, and a burger restaurant, Pizza Rev is a medium sized restaurant.  You enter the line and tell what kind of dough and then toppings you want.  You then go pay.  The pizza takes about five minutes to bake.

Tuesday special, $6.53. Regular price $8.45.  I got spinach, jalapeno, mushrooms, and red onions.  The crust was too thin for my tastes.  It wasn't crispy, just sorta there. They had some kind of cornmeal on the outer edges that was weird.  The toppings were all fresh, but they slice the spinach into small strips.  The person who added my toppings could have added more toppings, but there weren't that many jalapenos, and could have spread them out better!

Service was good.

Ok, so what is my favorite?  I'll stick with Pieology. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Pieology Pizzeria

Pieology Pizzeria
505 N Grand Ave
Walnut, CA 91789

If this Pieology location looks familiar it should, this used to be Bella Napoli Trattoria & Pizza and has been open for about four years. After going to Project Pie, I noticed I have never reviewed Pieology, so I corrected that! Pieology and Blaze, are chains that are striving to be the "Subway" of pizza.

This is a busy shopping center with a Starbucks and about 4-6 other chain restaurants.  So parking can be tough to find during lunch and dinner time.  The restaurant itself is about medium sized but there is plenty of seating outside.

Whole wheat crust with mushrooms, jalapenos, and spinach, $9.23.  I love the crust and the option of having whole wheat!  The crust was firm but not cracker like,  yet chewy and good flavor.  The toppings were fresh and the sauce was good.

Service is good.

How would I rank the three contenders?  Pieology is clearly the best.  Project Pie would be second.  I really liked Blaze when I tried it, and would be a close second.  But when I found out that LaFRAUD James is a huge investor in Blaze, it quickly made it my third favorite, and I vow never to go to Blaze again.