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Monday, August 28, 2017

Show Sushi

Show Sushi
957 W Arrow Hwy
San Dimas, CA 91773

A few doors east of Cafe Bagelry, is Show Sushi a very popular all you can eat sushi restaurant.  There are always people waiting outside and people keep coming into the restaurant!

As you walk in you notice two sushi bars and a huge middle area with tables.  There is a little notch with a few more tables.  It can get a bit loud inside, but it's a nice place for dinner.

They have the all you can eat dinner for $26.99.  They have a huge assortment of rolls and the nigri sushi. When going to an all you can eat sushi restaurant, you're not expecting top of the line quality sushi.  I do expect the sushi to be fresh.  That's what I got at Show Sushi.  All the nigiri and rolls were good.  Fresh fish, they could have put more fish on some of the rolls, but overall good. My only issue was that the rice was too loose, it wasn't sticky enough.  You could pick up the sushi and the rice fell apart.

Nigiri sushi- shrimp, yellowtail, and tuna.
Red snapper nigiri
Halibut nigiri.
 Popcorn scallop-deep fried baby scallops, inside crab and avocado.
 Shrimp lovers roll- shrimp and avocado.  Inside-shrimp tempura, crab, avocado, cucumber.
 Hawaiian Roll-tuna and avocado.  Inside-crab, avocado, cucumber.
 Tiger roll-shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, and cucumber.
 Baked scallops- baked baby scallops. Inside crab and avocado.
Cajun tuna hand roll.

I sat at the sushi bar.  Service from the server is good.  From the sushi chef is slow.  The server came around often, refilled drinks and asked if I needed anything.  When I put in my first order to the sushi chef, which included both nigiri and rolls, I got the nigiri very quickly.  But, it took forever to get the rolls!  I even ordered a second round of nigiri before I got my first order of rolls.  When I asked the sushi chef where my order was, he said it was coming!  A few seconds later he realized he placed the rolls on the counter for pickup.  Somehow, even though I was sitting at the sushi bar, he thought my order was for another table.  My later roll orders came out fairly quickly.  I understand the sushi chefs are very busy, but come on get organized!  But, this could be a tactic for all you can eat sushi restaurants who have a time limit, so people don't eat too much.  Now, I didn't see anything that said you had a time limit at Sushi Show.  But, while waiting, it did cross my mind.  I didn't keep track but I'm guessing I spent about an hour at Sushi Show, so it wasn't an issue.   

The hostess could stand to smile and be more friendly.  I walked inside and put my name down, while the hostess rang up some orders.  When she was done, she just asked how many. No, hi, welcome to Show Sushi.

I also think they should have a more detailed menu.  The menu made no mention of hand rolls.  I only knew about the hand rolls, when the couple next to me ordered some hand rolls.  They could also include the price of the dinner.  Nobody told me the price, but I knew the price because people I know recently at at Show Sushi.

I would go back to Show Sushi.  The sushi is good and I'll chalk up the slow service from the sushi chefs to just being off that night.