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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Monty’s Good Burger

Monty’s Good Burger
516 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90020

Monty’s Good Burger, in Koreatown, has been open for about a month. A 100% plant based burger place, what basically is trying to be an In N Out.  The restaurant is small with a counter with about eight seats that faces the kitchen and another counter that runs along the wall.  There is a four seat table at the end of the counter.  There seems to always be a line, and you line up outside.  Helpful hint, when you're near the front door, be like the couple in the above picture.  They waited outside, not in the doorway, until they were able to move up.  Look, you stupid morons, nobody is going to cut in front of you.  But, people maybe coming out, and you're blocking the doorway.  Just wait outside, until there is room at the cashier.

Single burger, $11, impossible burger patty, follow your heart vegan cheese, house spread-a vegan thousand island dressing, lettuce, pickles, and grilled onions, on a potato bun.  Tots with vegan ranch dressing-$4.

This a a decent burger, but the impossible patty was overcooked, and charred. The bun is fine, but nothing special.  The veggies are fresh.  The house dressing is fine, though they could put more of it on the burger.

The tots were cooked perfectly!!  The vegan ranch is very good, a good spice and you won't miss regular ranch dressing.

Service is good.  The young lady taking my order was very nice and helpful.  My order came out quickly.  The interesting thing was, the owner or manager, was outside talking on the phone for almost the entire time I was waiting in line, maybe 20 minutes.  The workers were working really hard and I have no complaints.  But, even if he is the owner, it's bad form to just talk on the phone in front of your customers.  Go around the back.  You look like a lazy owner, who doesn't care.

I won't go back to Monty's.  Fat Burger sells the Impossible Burger for $9, and if you don't add the spread and cheese, it's vegan!  I think that's a better value than Monty's Burgers.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Roll Roll

Roll Roll 
19657 1/2 Ventura Blvd 
Los Angeles, CA 91356 

So, I'm out in the Valley and wanted some sushi.  But, I was only able to get to a restaurant at 2pm.  Many sushi restaurants in the Valley close at 3pm.  I don't want to be rushed, so I find a sushi restaurant that doesn't close at 3pm. Roll Roll is just like it's name, nothing but rolls on the menu.

It's a small restaurant, that seats maybe 20 people.  The trees can make it difficult to find the restaurant as you're driving on busy Ventura Blvd.  It's a very casual restaurant.

Their menu is very simple, rolls are $4, $7 or $11.  They have some teriyaki and side items too.

Lobster hand roll-$7, baked crawfish and cucumber.  This was the best of the rolls from this restaurant.  A good amount of crawfish, a good sushi rice, and fresh cucumbers.  A very tasty roll!  I would put this up against any other sushi restaurant I've been to!

Shrimp tempura roll,-shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, and smelt eggs, $7 top and Tiger roll-shrimp tempura, crab meat, avocado, cucumber,  $11, bottom.

When your sushi arrives, the first thing you notice is that the rolls are small in size than other sushi restaurants.  Obviously, one way they can charge the prices.  The shrimp tempura roll was fine.  Nothing great about.  Just a little above supermarket quality sushi.

The Tiger roll was a bit bigger, fresh ingredients, and a good roll.  Well worth the prices.

Service was pretty good.  Though there was only one server, who maybe the owner, taking care of the entire place.  We didn't get out soy sauce cups, and it took awhile for refills on drinks.

I wouldn't go back to Roll Roll.  I would rather pay a little more for bigger portion sizes, and better rolls!