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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lobster Grill-Updated Review-Closed

Lobster Grill
3210 Chino Ave Ste A
Chino Hills

Things do change quickly in Chino Hills!   Lobster Grill is the same space that housed Villaggio Pizzeria then Bad Bob's BBQ.  Too bad that chain Buffalo Wild Wings, in the same center, is still open!  Lobster Grill is a combination of Boiling Crab and a Cape Cod seaside lobster restaurant.  They have the bags of seafood with the spicy sauces and the lobster rolls, along with whole lobsters, oysters, and shrimp.

Lobster Grill really brightened up the place.  The walls are white with shades of orange, a dramatic contrast to the dark wood of Villaggio Pizzeria.  A very welcoming place.  It's order at the counter and they will bring your food to your table.

There is a very good happy hour, Tues-Fri from 3:30 to 5:30pm, they are closed Mondays.  The lobster roll, regular price, $10.95 are $8.95.   So I stopped in for happy hour.

 Clam chowder, cup. $2.95 happy hour price.  This was very good.  Came pipping hot and full of flavor.  A rich, thick, hearty broth with bigs chucks of clams and potatoes.  Hit the spot on a raining day in May!  This clam chowder is pescetarian, as there is no bacon.   

 Calamari, $4.95 happy hour price.  Regular price, $7.95.  This was served lukewarm.  This a just frozen calamari fried up.  Very rubbery and soggy.  This could be good, if served right out of the fryer. 

Lobster roll, with fries, $8.95, happy hour price.  Regular price, $10.95.  Lobster roll was great.  Lots of lobster mixed with celery and some herbs,  in a ketchup and mayo sauce.  The lobster is served cold but the roll is nicely toasted and holds up to the large amount of lobster. 

Fries were served lukewarm, but could be good if served hot!  

Service is good.  The guy who took my order was nice and helpful.  When he brought out the clam chowder, he went and got a spoon for me.  Food came out quickly. 

The idiots on Yelp give Lobster Grill three stars, mostly because they got butt hurt their groupon wasn't accepted.  One stupid yelper got mad because they wouldn't allow her to use her groupon, which included alcohol, because she didn't have her ID.  No wonder yelp is a damn joke!

They do need to work on getting out fried items while they are hot.  But, overall I like Lobster Grill, especially for their lobster roll.  I would go back and would gladly pay the full price for the lobster roll.  It's a steal at their happy hour price!

Updated June 24, 2015

So I went back to Lobster Grill and tried the Crab Melt sandwich, $8.95, during Happy Hour.  $10.95 regular price, which comes with fries.  The sandwich has cheese, provolone or white cheddar and a ton of dungeness crab!  A bit salty and there were three small pieces of shell in the crab.  Despite that, it's a good sandwich and worth the price, a good deal at the Happy Hour price.  Fries were barely warm and a bit salty.

Service was terrible!  The lady was nice but my order took about 40 minutes and it wasn't busy at all!!!!  Not sure why it took so long.  Did they forget my order?  Is the kitchen and the front, not communicating with each other? Whatever it is, they need to improve.  No way a sandwich takes 40 minutes to make.  TERRIBLE!!

My second time at Lobster Grill wasn't as good as my first time. Not sure if I would return!