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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pellicola Pizzeria-Closed

Pellicola Pizzeria
421 W 8th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014

I have already tried two of the places listed on LA Eater 16 places to get a killer slice of pizza in Los Angele Pie Life Pizza in Pasadena and Pizzanista.  Pellicola was next up on my list.

Located next door to the Golden Gopher bar, Pellicola is located in another part of downtown LA this is under going gentrification!  There is a Whole Paycheck about 50 yards up the street and the nasty overrated Dunkin Donuts on the corner.  Across 8th Street a building is being turned into more condos or high priced apartments!

Large mushrooms and jalapeno pizza-$19.62.  $16 for cheese pizza plus $1.50 per topping.  This was a very good pizza.  The crust was firm with a little crispiness that added to the good texture of the crust.  They put a decent amount of toppings, certainly not plentiful or overflowing, but the toppings were fresh.  The sauce was mild, nothing overpowering.  Cheese was great!  Everything worked well together and I was very impressed with their pizza.

Service was very good.  The woman who helped me was nice and friendly and the guy, who I believe is the manger, was very nice and helpful.  He happily explained their weekly movie nights.  After eating a few slices in the restaurant, I told him this was a very good pizza.  He thanked me for coming in.  More restaurants need to learn that bring nice and friendly can go a long way!

LA Eater has been 3 for 3!  The three pizza places that I have not been to, from their list of 16, have been very good!  Can they go for the cycle?

I would go back to Pellicola Pizza anytime!  Parking can be an issue, most of the major streets nearby like Olive and Main,  are no parking zones during weekday rush hour.  Either take public transportation or use one of the riding sharing apps.