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Sunday, August 20, 2017


1523 S Bundy Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90025

I am working my way through the 2016 16 best places to get a slice pizza according to Eater.  The link goes to the 2017 17 best places to get a slice of pizza.  They took out Slicetruck from 2016, added Delicious Pizza and NY & C Pizza-which maybe closed now!  Gjelina Take Away is the last pizza I need to try from the 2016 list.  Debating if I should go to Delicious.

While I order a whole freshly baked pie, it should be good, right? I haven't been to six places from that list before, so I went and loved all of them;  Pie Life Pizza in Pasadena, Pizzanista, Pellicola-which is now closed, Joe's Pizza, The Coop, and Prime Pizza. The other places on the list I've been to before I saw the list are; Abbott's Pizza Company, Lamonica's New York Pizza, D'Amore's Pizza, Vito's, Village Pizzeria, Town Pizza, Tomato Pie, and Mulberry Street Pizza.  Then last week I tried Barone’s The Pizzeria Express, which was terrible!

Slicetruck, as the name suggests, started out as a food truck about five years ago.  They opened a store on Sawtelle, then relocated to their current location on Bundy.  This is a small restaurant with beautiful tile work on the walls.  There are about 8-10 seats along the counter, otherwise this is a take out location.

12in with spinach and mushrooms, $18.53 with tax.  I noticed later the menub price for a 12in pizza is $15 plus $1.50 for each veggie topping.  That would be $18 and tax on $18 is not 53 cents. 

The first thing I notice was the wonderful crust!  Maybe the closet thing to New York City crust here in the Los Angeles area!  Firm, with great texture, but chewy. The sauce was fantastic, not overpowering, just full of flavor.  The toppings were fresh!  You can tell they use quality ingredients on this pizza.

Now people are going to complain about the high prices, but this isn't a cheap pizza with with cheap ingredients!  I believe the sauce is made with canned tomatoes, but everything else is quality fresh ingredients!!

Service was very good.  Nice people who care about customer service and are willing to talk about their restaurant and pizza!

I'm not sure why LA Easter took out Slicetruck from their 2017 list.  This is great pizza and considering one of the three new places listed for 2017 has already closed, NY & C Pizza; and Pellicola has also closed, it's stupid not to include Slicetruck!

If Slicetruck was closer I would go much more often.  It's a great pizza place.  Don't complain about the high prices.  Enjoy the quality ingredients in your pizza!!