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Friday, September 22, 2017

Cindy’s Eagle Rock

Cindy’s Eagle Rock
1500 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Cindy's has been in Eagle Rock forever!  Just a few blocks east of CaCao Mexicatessen, the current owners really revamped the restaurant.  They set up a Go Fund Me account to pay for the renovation of their iconic sign!

It's a fairly small restaurant with booths along the windows and a good sized counter.  They were packed the day I went and customers just kept coming in!

Veggie burger- $9.50- chicken fried portobello burger with sweet corn relish, goat cheese, and red pepper sauce with mixed green salad.

They have seven different veggie burgers, how often they veggie burger changes depends on how quickly the batch of veggie burgers are gone.  I was intrigued by the chicken fried portobello burger and ordered it.  It was very good.  The portobello mushroom was moist and tender.  The batter was very good, crispy and held up to the conidments/  The goat cheese fresh and the red pepper sauce was too tangy.  But, otherwise a great burger.  Yes, it's not the most healthiest veggie burger, but it's different and I would order this again!

Service was pretty good.  We sat at the counter, so our server came by often.  Though she didn't refill my drink that often.  But, she was friendly and helpful.

I always heard Cindy's was overpriced for mediocre food.  I found the prices to be fair, especially for the area and the food to be very good.  I would go back!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Paco’s Mexican Restaurant

Paco’s Mexican Restaurant
200 E Foothill Blvd
Arcadia, CA 91006

While driving on Foothill Blvd. I noticed Paco's Mexican Restaurant and decided to drop in.  It's a Mexican-American food.  If you're expecting authentic Mexican food, you will not find it here!  But, I judge restaurants by what they are, not what they are not!  If they serve up great food, I could care less if it is authentic Mexican!

It's a fairly big restaurant with a small parking lot.  But, there is street parking.  If you walk straight in you will be in the bar, which was pretty busy considering it was about 1pm on a weekday.  The two dining areas are to the right.

Quesadilla Vegetariana, $11.25, large flour tortilla with jack cheese, roasted peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, corn, pico de gallo. Served with sour cream and guacamole.

This was a greasy mess!  I should have flipped over the quesadilla to see the oily greasy mess.  While there was plenty of zucchini, there weren't many peppers or corn.  The tortilla was grilled well, and if it was just a cheese quesadilla it would have been pretty good.  But, all the oil used to sauteed the vegetables just made this a greasy mess.

Service was friendly but just ok.  My drink wasn't refilled.  I wasn't asked how everything was.  I got there just at the end of the lunch rush.  When I got there most of the tables were filled.  By the time I got my food, most the tables were empty.  When I left there may have been 3-4 tables with people eating.  So, they weren't busy.

I wouldn't go back to Paco’s Mexican Restaurant. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Astro Family Restaurant

Astro Family Restaurant
2300 Fletcher Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Astro is a googie architecture style restaurant.  Googie architecture was popular from about the late 40's until the 1960's.  Think of that cartoon The Jetsons, and you basically have googie architecture!  Astro is a long time diner in a douchebag hipster neighborhood.  While the restaurant looks huge from the outside, it's not really that big inside.  There are booths along the windows and a long counter on the right side of the building.  I think there is a room if you went straight after walking in.

It was very slow for a dinner rush.  Maybe 4 to 5 tables with customers.  

Garden burger, $11.75, with lettuce, tomatoes, thousand island dressing, with cole slaw and onion rings. This was terrible!  The patty is just bland, flavorless and I'm pretty sure frozen then nuked in the microwave.  But, really an unasembled burger?  Come on, at least place the top half of the bun on the plate and not underneath the patty and the other part of the bun!  The veggies were fresh, but the lettuce was wet!  Dry off the lettuce before serving it up!

Onion rings were ok.  Lukewarm at best, and straight from the freezer to the fryer. 

Service was good. 

After eating here, I know why they were slow during dinner time!  Astro Family Restaurant is nothing but an overpriced, very underwhelming diner.  I thought about ordering fish and chips, and they were about $18.  Fried shrimp was about $22?  Really??  I won't come back!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Eagle Rock Public House

Eagle Rock Public House
1627 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Across the street from CaCao Mexicatessen is Eagle Rock Public House.  Owned by the Eagle Rock Brewery people, whose actual brew house is in Glassell Park.  But, a nice addition to the dining scene on Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock; which recently lost the Blue Hen restaurant!  

It's a huge place with plenty of tables and a bar in the middle.  They have a garage door that is great when there is a nice breeze, but better be closed in hot weather!

Fried cod sandwich-$15. Manifesto batter, slaw, malt vinegar aioli.  I went to Eagle Rock Public House a couple years ago, forgot to do a review.  But, if I did; it would have been a bad one.  I found it to be an overpriced mediocre small plates place. Their menu still has a lot of small plate items, but this is a substantial sandwich!

But, I looked at their menu and saw this fried cod sandwich, which I don't think was on the menu the last time I went.  But, what a great sandwich!!  A huge piece of cod perfectly fried with a great light crispy batter!! The slaw had cabbage, red onions, and pickled jalapenos added a great flavor to the sandwich.  The slaw would be a great side item to!  This sandwich was well worth the price!  I would order this again!

Service was good.

I'm glad I went back to Eagle Rock Public House!  I won't wait two years to return!

India Sweets & Spices

India Sweets & Spices
3126 Los Feliz Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039

India Sweets & Spices is a combination Indian grocery store and a steam table of food.  They have plenty of seating to dine in. It's a huge place and is usually busy.

Samosa- $1 each. My standard for samosa is Samosa House.  The samosa here is just ok.  Nothing great.  It is spicy.  The samosa are sitting on the steam table but they are not kept warm.  They are kept at room temp.  They are potatoes,  spices, and peas.  It's ok, a bit some spicy than Samosa House, but not nearly as good.  One huge factor is that Samosa House fries the samosa to order.  They are not sitting unheated on a steam tray!

Service is bad.  I got to the counter and two ladies are talking and while we make eye contact, they never bother to stop and come help me.  This must have continued for a few minutes.  Then one lady finally gets up but then a man, maybe the owner, has her do something.  So the other lazy lady comes up to help me.  

I won't go back to India Sweets & Spices.  Bad service and mediocre food are a bad combination!

Flore Vegan Cuisine

Flore Vegan Cuisine
3818 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

A couple miles south of Sage, a terrible vegan restaurant in Echo Park, is  Flore Vegan Cuisine in the Sunset Junction part of Silver Lake.  A small restaurant with seating outside on the very busy Sunset Blvd.

BLTA-$12. Tempeh bacon, green leaf lettuce, tomato, avocado, egg-less mayo on sourdough with choice of salad or cole slaw! What a great sandwich!!  Full of flavor and well balanced.  The tempeh bacon was fantastic!  If I didn't know it tasted exactly like bacon!  Salty, crispy and a good portion!  The sourdough bread was fine.  The veggies fresh and the mayo and avocado made for a moist sandwich!  The side salad was good sized, with green leaf lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, and sprouts.  The vegan thousand island dressing was great, a tangy yet sweet dressing made vegan!  This sandwich was well worth the price.

Service was good.  It wasn't that busy and only one server, but she dropped by often.  She didn't ask what I wanted to drink, but brought water a couple moments later. The menu I got was very dirty with crap all over the pages.  They need to do a better job of making sure those menus are clean!

I like Flore and would go back, but the dirty menu has me freaked about how clean their kitchen is.  They have an A grade from the healthy department, but if they can't keep their menu clean, how clean is their kitchen?

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Morrison

The Morrison
3179 Los Feliz Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039

The Morrison is across the street from Giamela's, an ok pizza place with terrible service the last time I went.  It's a huge gastropub with an L-shaped bar on the left and booths along the back wall.  There is a long community table that is as high as a bar, right in the middle of the room when you walk in.

It's a dark place with black paint normally.  The day I went they had Halloween decorations up, which made it even darker. 

Veggie sliders, $6, with grilled onions and tomatoes.  While the menu says it comes with home made BBQ sauce, there were no condiments on the burger. They give you a four condiment tray with ketchup, BBQ sauce, mustard and mayo.  So, you can out what you want, and as much as you want!

The veggie slider was just ok.  The patty is made with corn, beans, rice, cilantro, carrots, panko, oatmeal.  A good size and filling.  But, nothing great.  The veggie burger is regularly $13. I would not have been happy paying $13 for full veggie burger.  They have a portobello mushroom burger, also for $13, on their regular menu.  If I come back, I may give that a try!

Mac n cheese, $6, happy hour price, $9 regular price.  Macaroni, cream cheese, whole milk, butter, flour, Tapatio, jalapenos, garlic, shallots, and bread crumbs.

This was a huge dish, well worth the $6 happy hour price.  I didn't taste any of the Tapatio or jalapenos.  But, this was a great mac n cheese.  A very creamy cheese sauce, while a bit underseasoned, it was very good.  The mac n cheese was cooked perfectly.  I like spicy food but didn't taste any spice in this mac and cheese.  But, I really liked this mac and cheese.

Service was below average but friendly.  While everybody from the hostess to the server was nice, it was too slow.  I was seated quickly by the hostess.  A couple minutes later a host took my drink order.  Why they have 2-3 host/hostess is beyond me!  But, they were fine.  Then I wait, then wait, then wait, and wait some more.  Finally I see a third hostess and ask who is my server.  She goes gets the server and I place my order.  He comes back with my sliders and refills my drink.  A runner came by with the mac n cheese a few minutes later.  The server comes back once again to ask how everything was.  Then I ask for my check.  I must have waited another 5 minutes for the check.  Most of the tables were filled in the restaurant, but there were plenty of other servers.  I don't know why the service was so slow.  My entire time there would have been about 20 minutes less, if service wasn't so slow.

The mac n cheese was the highlight for me.  A great example of mac n cheese.  But, service was slow and the burgers, which they are known for, was just ok.  It maybe awhile before I go back!