Friday, July 20, 2018

Sushi Monster

Sushi Monster
2426 Honolulu Ave
Montrose, CA 91020

 A friend who lives in Montrose told me that she goes to Sushi Plus, a place I reviewed back in 2007.  I was surprised to hear that Sushi Plus was still open. Not because Sushi Plus was bad, but with many restaurants didn't survive the recession!  But, I was shocked to find out that there are three other sushi restaurants on that street!! The other two are Blue Fish and Sake Sushi Bar and Lounge. In addition to Hikari Sushi about half a mile east, that is five sushi restaurants within a half mile stretch when Honolulu turns into Verdugo Blvd.

She liked Sushi Monster the best, so we met up there.

Blue fin tuna- $7.  A good sized piece of tuna, but kind of mushy and didn't taste too fresh. 

Shrimp tempura roll $9.  A pretty small roll, but good fresh quality ingredients.

Spicy lobster hand roll-$7.50.  The best sushi I had here!  Fresh langostino lobster, good sushi rice, cucumbers.  This was a huge piece but the ingredients were light and fresh.

Service was pretty good.  There were three servers helping us.  We got our food promptly.  But, when we asked for the check, we got the wrong bill.  The correct bill arrives and they didn't include the lobster hand roll.  I would rather be honest and tell them that I wasn't charged for something.  It's a lot easier to do when the servers are nice, which all three were.  I still do the samething when the service is bad, but the thought has crossed my mind to just pay the bill and leave.  

I would go back to Sushi Monster just for the spicy lobster hand roll!  I would go back to try other rolls.  I doubt I would try the blue fin tuna. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Nano’s Deli

 Nano’s Deli
2250 S Archibald Ave Ste C
Ontario, CA 91761

 Nano’s Deli has been opened for about two months.  Between a martial arts studio and a Lebanese restaurant, it's a good sized space.  The counter and prep area is to the right as you enter.  In front of the deli cases are different varieties of potato chips, some I've never heard of before.  There are about 10 tables and chairs and the drink dispenser on the left part of the space.

They use Boar's Head meats, and that is made known by the signs and the sticker that is on the paper wrapped around your sandwich. 

Veggie sandwich, $6.99- choice of bread and two cheeses, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and sprouts. I asked for no onions and mustard, with squaw bread.  This was a good filling sandwich.  The bread was soft, good texture, and the veggies were fresh.  Two slices of both cheeses. Everything was fresh. 

Service is good.

This is such a great option for sandwiches in Ontario!  I saw about ten people who work at Niagara Water, so that must be close by.  I may give Alina's, the Lebanese restaurant next door, since David Allen gave it a good review!

Monday, July 2, 2018


4656 Franklin Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Anarbagh is a small sized Indian restaurant across Vermont from House of Pies, and just up the street from Fred's 62. Housed in a corner space next to a 7-11, there are booths to the right as you enter, then along the long space on the left, are tables. 

Shrimp Biryani $13.95 Shrimp cooked with aromatic rice and flavored with saffron.  When I think of Biryani rice, it is very flavorful and gives off a wonderful smell.  But, sadly this shrimp biryani lacked bold flavor and wasn't any wonderful smell.  The rice and shrimp were both cooked perfectly.  It just lacked the bold flavors I'm expecting.

Service was very good!

A good Indian restaurant doesn't lack for flavor, so sadly I won't be going back to Anarhagh.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Koji Ramen

Koji Ramen
3520 W Temple Ave
Pomona, CA 91768

This space used to be Cantina Express, among many other restaurants-I recall a Chinese buffet in the earl 1990's being in that space.  Two other Japanese restaurants came before Koji Ramen!  The location, near many warehouses and on the way for Cal Poly Pomona students going back home, would seem to make this an ideal spot. So, I'm not sure why this space has so much turnover.  This shopping center is also where JoJo Pizza used to be!

A large restaurant in an irregular shaped room.  The small sushi bar is along the back wall, with tables and chairs spread throughout the restaurant. 

Shrimp tempura- 5 pieces- $6.99.  Frozen, but well cooked and crunchy!  Worth the price. 
 Crunch roll-$7.99-Too much sauce on top is my only complain.  Otherwise a good fresh roll!

Beach roll- $7.99- Avocado, crabmeat, cucumber and red snapper on the outside.  This could have been outstanding except for a tangy sauce on this.  The red snapper was very fresh and the California roll inside was good  But, the tangy sauce, just isn't for me!

Service-Good service.

I would go back to Koji Ramen for the sushi!  Good quality sushi, at very good prices!


133 W Chapman Ave
Ste 103
Fullerton, CA 92832

Kaori is located in a one story building that has a Mexican, a Philly Cheesesteak, and some kind of Asian fusion restaurant.  Right in front of the building is a dirty and gravel parking, and just behind that is a paved parking lot.

Kaori is a dark restaurant with a Japanese motif.  It was pretty busy during lunch.

Shrimp $5 and tuna sushi $5.50.  The shrimp was along the biggest and freshest, I've had!!  Very good quality and well worth the price.  The tuna was fine.  Nothing outstanding or bad about it.

Crunch roll- $10.  A good sized roll, with fresh ingredients! 

Service was pretty good, expect water was slow to be refilled.

I would go back to Kaori, just for the shrimp sushi.  Next time I go, I'll try the other rolls.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Little Belize Restaurant

Little Belize Restaurant
217 E Nutwood St
Inglewood, CA 90301

When I found out about Little Belize Restaurant, I was excited to try it, because I've never had Belizean food before.  Located in what looks like an old Roscoe's building, it's a small restaurant with booths and tables, and a counter-where I placed my order to go.

I would looking forward to trying their red snapper, but they only make that on weekends-though they didn't mention that on their website.

Panades - freshly seasoned masa stuffed with our delicious hash fish, and deep fried to perfection – served with our spicy habanero sauce. $3.95

This was an interest dish.  The masa wasn't fried to perfection- the oil temp was too low, and thus the panades were soggy and not crispy!. They also forgot the habenero sauce.  But, the fish was nice and flavorful.  This could have been a very good dish, if they were fried right!

Panades- Freshly seasoned masa stuffed with bean and cheese. – served with our house special tomato and onion sauce. $4.95.  As with the fish panades, the masa wasn't fried at the right temps, making it soggy, and not crispy.  But, the bean and cheese was very good.  This would hold up to any Mexican restaurant bean and cheese burrito! 

Service was very good.  Nice people.  But, I do wish they would indicate on their website, the red snapper dish is only available on weekends.

I may give Little Belize Restaurant, if I'm in the area.  But, I'm not rushing back!

JAMZ Creamery

JAMZ Creamery
231 E Manchester Blvd
Inglewood, CA 90301

JAMZ Creamery is a small,  take out ice cream store in Inglewood.  Located across Manchester Blvd, from Dulan's Soul Food Kitchen!  It's a bright building with ice cream displayed in an L-shaped room. 

Double scoop of ice cream-$3.85.  While their website says $3.75.   I got rocky road and chocolate malted crunch.  I forgot to take a picture before diving into the rocky road.  But, the rocky road was nice and creamy, with lots of almonds and marshmallows.  But, the chocolate malted crunch tasted way too much like Thrifty's Ice Cream!  If I wanted Thrifty's ice cream, I would have gone to Rite Aid!

Service is good.  Very friendly people.

I would go back to Jamz for the rocky road ice cream.  But, I when I go out I don't want something I can get at the store!