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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Project Pie

Project Pie
4711 Chino Hills Pkwy
Chino Hills, CA 94709

Project Pie is another contender for the "Subway" like pizza along with Blaze, and Pieology-which I thought I have reviewed but I haven't.  So, I have now reviewed Pieology!  A good friend loves Project Pie, so I decided to give them a try.  David Allen also reviewed Project Pie, recently.

Project Pie has three locations so far.  The Chino Hills location is in the Commons, where I reviewed, the now closed Pei Wei, and The Boiler. It's a small sized restaurant with a few tables inside and a couple tables outside. 

Build your own pizza, $9.13 with tax, with mushrooms, spinach, and jalapenos.  The crust was a bit too hard and tough for me.  The toppings were all fresh and they cut the jalapenos into thicker pieces than other places, which is great because that spiciness really comes out!  The sauce was a bit bland and I wasn't a fan.

Service was good.

Of the three places I've tried, Blaze and Pieology, Project Pie is my least favorite.  The crust just didn't do it for me.