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Sunday, January 28, 2018


100 Japanese Village Plz
Los Angeles, CA 90012

I have been two sushi restaurant in Little Tokyo; Sushi Gen and Sushi Go 55.  So, while paying tribute to Ellison Onizuka and the rest of the crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger; Christa McAuliffe, Greg Jarvis, Judith Resnik, Mike Smith, Dick Scobee, and Ron McNair, I walked around and found Oomasa.  Well, my first choice was the revolving sushi restaurant that is also located in the Japanese Village Plaza, but a 2.5 hour wait, wasn't my idea of fun.

Oomasa is good sized restaurant with a huge U-shaped sushi bar to the left and some tables as you walk in.  It's a brightly lit restaurant.

Shrimp and halibut nigri sushi-both $3 each. 

The most interesting that about Oomasa is that their nigri sushi is one piece!! Most sushi restaurants you get two pieces of sushi.  Both of these were good and fresh, but both are heavy with wasabi!  Since you only find out about the wasabi after you've dipped the sushi into a wasabi and soy sauce mixture, it was quite a fireball in my mouth. 

Crab sushi-$4.  Again heavy on the wasabi, but fresh and tasty.

Tuna hand roll, $6.  Good sized hand roll with a lot of tuna.  Also with a lot of wasabi, but I liked this.

Tempura roll-$6-shrimp tempura, avocado, and asparagus.  Small compared to other shrimp tempura rolls I've had.  I'm not used to asparagus in shrimp tempura rolls.  But, good flavor and textures.

Veggie roll- $6-Avocado, asparagus, and some radish.  A good, fresh roll.

Service was good.

Oomasa is fine, but nothing outstanding.  I would much rather try other sushi restaurants in the area, than go back to Oomasa.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Cassell’s Hamburgers

Cassell’s Hamburgers
3600 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020

Cassell’s Hamburgers originally opened in 1948.  The original owners sold to restaurant to a Korean family that ran the restaurant like he did.  I went to the Cassell’s Hamburgers back in 2010.  That location closed in 2012.  The talk when it closed was that the owner of the Hotel Normandie was going to purchase the name and recipes, and reopen Cassell’s Hamburgers at the newly renovated Hotel Normandie within eight months of the old place closing.  Well, Cassell’s Hamburgers finally reopened at the Hotel Normandie in late 2014!  There are now plans to open a Cassell's in downtown LA.  The new Cassell's is located about a block from the terrible Pot Pizza Joint, which is another restaurant located in a hotel.

This is a huge corner unit location.  There is long counter/bar in the center and along one of the windows, and tables all over.  Tastefully decorated, it's much nicer than the old Cassell's.

Vegan burger, $10.99, house made farro, mushroom, zucchini, red onion, miso, and flax, with lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, and pickles.  Served with a choice of sauce-thousand island, blue cheese, mustardy mayo, ranch, house mayo, spicy mayo, BBQ sauce, or ketchup.

The vegan patty was so favorful, and tasty!  While I did put the house mayo, you really didn't need the mayo, it was moist and just full of flavor.  The bun and veggies were fresh.  A very good vegan/veggie burger.  I don't know if the bun is vegan. 

Service- Some good, some terrible.

Except for one thing, the guy who helped me was good.  He refilled drinks, and I was acknowledged and helped quickly.  I did not like the misinformation, or flat out lie, that the house mayo was vegan.  The menu says all the house sauces are made with organic eggs.  I'm not vegan, but there are some vegans, that would be very offended by the misinformation or flat out lie.

The girl, who maybe the hostess/server was terrible.  I walked up to her and asked, if I could sit at the counter.  She was so rude to provide an answer.

The way it's set up, first timers don't know whether to seat yourself or wait for a hostess.  I wasn't going to wait forever and nobody was near the front door.  That's why I went up to that girl.

I really liked the vegan burger and really want to go back for another burger.  But, the rudeness of the hostess/server and the wrong information or flat out lie about the mayo being vegan, leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sam’s Club-Glendora

Sam’s Club
1301 Lone Hill Ave
Glendora, CA 91740

Since I reviewed the pizza at Costco, I figured I would review the pizza at Sam's Club.  The differences in the menu at Sam's Club and at Costco; Sam's sells soft pretzels but do not have any salads and chicken bake.  Many Costcos have added beef chili, brisket sandwich, and a turkey sandwich to their food court menu; none of which are sold at Sam's Club.  Almost all Sam's Club food court are inside the store.  While Costco most of the food courts are outside.  I don't know if non members are allowed inside Sam Clubs so they can go to the food court, but I'm sure any store owned by Walmart only cares about making money!

16 in. veggie pizza, $8.99.  The veggies were mushrooms, onions, olives, and bell peppers.  This was ok, but way too doughy.  The crust is just too thick.  The sauce is pretty bland and they could put more sauce on there.  As for the toppings, while they were fresh, there weren't that many mushrooms and most were on a few slices, they did load up on olives.  Yes, the pizza is $1 cheaper than Costco, but it is also 2 inches smaller.  I much prefer the Costco pizza, better crust, better sauce and toppings.

Service was good.  One huge difference between Sam's Club and Costco food courts that are inside the store, is that the line at Sam's is much shorter.  There were only two people ahead of me, and even while I waited for the pizza, there were maybe 6-8 people in line.

I wouldn't get the pizza from Sam's Clubs again.  Costo pizza tastes much better and it's a better value!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Emperor Mongolian BBQ

Emperor Mongolian BBQ
138 N Grand Ave,
West Covina, CA 91791

Emperor Mongolian BBQ is in the same complex as AYCE Sushi, a restaurant I reviewed back in 2016.

Emperor is a huge place with seating for about 40 people.  It was very busy the night we went.  A tour bus of about 20 people came in about five minutes later.  Then a couple big groups with about 7 or 8 people came in.  But, the lines moved quickly, and the place was kept clean.

Dinner is $14.95 for all you can eat.  There is beef, chicken, and pork for meats.  They have a good selection of veggies; spinach, shredded carrots, celery, onions, green onions, mushrooms, green bell peppers, broccoli, and even cabbage.  The sauce selection includes, kung pao, sweet and sour, soy sauce, garlic, teriyaki, and house-which seems to be a soy sauce based with green onions.

Since you put what items you want, these is no reason to take multiple pictures.  But, the items are fresh, and the table is always well stocked.  The broccoli came out a bit too crispy, maybe another minute or two on the grill, but otherwise this was good.

Service is good.  Like I said the veggies and meats were well stocked and clean.  We got refills and didn't lack for anything. 

I may not rush back since I don't go to Mongolian BBQ places that often, but I would have no problems going back to Emperor.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Eagle Rock Green Dragon

Eagle Rock Green Dragon
1733 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041

After going to Organix, I noticed Eagle Rock Green Dragon next door.  Chinese restaurants, at least good Chinese restaurants, are rare in northeast Los Angeles.  So, I figured I would add to the number of restaurants I've tried on Colorado Blvd. and went to Eagle Rock Green Dragon, which is number 12!  The other restaurants on Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock that I have tried; Cindy's, Eagle Rock Public House, CaCao Mexicatessen, Meea's, Larkin's, Brownstone Pizza, both of them are now closed, Oinkster, Colombo's, Casa Bianca, Blue Hen- which recently closed.

In Febuary, will mark their 5th anniversary.  They take up two spaces in this complex.  When you enter it's the lobby and the kitchen.  To the right is the large dining room.

Vegetable lo mein-$8.95- soft noodles with Chinese broccoli, carrots and soy sauce.  This was a good dish with the noodles perfectly cooked and seasoned.  This was a good dish and a good sized portion.

Szechuan shrimp-$13.95, with a lot of jicama, a brown sauce that reminded me of hot and sour soup minus the sour, some green veggies, and about a dozen small-medium sized shrimp. The sauce was highlight!  Maybe a mild spiciness, but good flavor.  There were a ton of jicama and to my surprise it worked really well with this dish!  The shrimp were well cooked but I thought there could have been more shrimp.  Maybe a bit pricey for the portion size, but quality was right there!

Service is good.  The lady who helped me was nice and friendly.

Overall Eagle Rock Green Dragon is good.  Is it better than Chinese restaurants in Arcadia and San Gabriel?  No, but with so few Chinese options in Northeast LA, unless you go to Chinatown, you won't go wrong going to Green Dragon!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Twohey's Restaurant

Twohey's Restaurant
1224 N Atlantic Blvd

After 75 years Twohey's Restaurant will close on Feb. 1, 2018, after losing their lease.  So, even though I did a review back in 2008, I wanted to go back to Twohey's one last time. The restaurant hasn't changed much since 2008.  It's a huge place with seating in every part of the space, including the counter.  There was a long line of people, many wanting to make one last visit.

There is talk that Twohey's is suppose to reopen in another location.  But, I'll believe that when I see it.  After the Tail o the Pup closed in 2005, it was suppose to reopen, but the iconic hot dog stand is now in a museum in Chatsworth!  I heard there is a Tail o the Pup food truck and a location was suppose to open in downtown LA, but that didn't happen!

Update Jan. 27, 2018.  Twohey's has found a new location.  They will move to South Pasadena and take over where the Carmine's used to be.  They will stay open at this location until they are ready to move into their new location. They are hoping for a Spring 2018 opening.

Lobster truffle mac and cheese, $18.95.  The only good part of this dish was the large amount of lobster!  There must have been maybe a quarter to half pound of lobster!  The macaroni was cooked well.  But the cheese sauce was like soup.  So thin and lacking flavor!  They need to add more flour to thicken the sauce.  Going to Twohey's may bring back memories, but I can see why some people today don't like it.  Using frozen items and nuking them in the microwave!  I mean come on!  Use fresh ingredients and actually good. 

Service at the counter was good.  But, when I went to pay the manager and the hostess were terrible.  I mean I walked right past them to go to the register.  If they didn't see me they must be blind as hell.  They weren't busy, they were just standing there doing nothing.

 I'm sure there will be people who will miss Twohey's, but it's just an average restaurant. 


1731 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041

I have reviewed many restaurants on Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock; Cindy's, Eagle Rock Public House, CaCao Mexicatessen, Meea's, Larkin's, Brownstone Pizza, both of them are now closed, Oinkster, Colombo's, Casa Bianca, Blue Hen- which recently closed. When I heard that Organix had the Mac Daddy, a vegan Big Mac, just like Doomies Home Cookin, I decided to make a trip to Eagle Rock.

Organix is located across the street from Meea's and a couple doors east of, the now closed, Blue Hen, in a strip mall next to a Chinese restaurant restaurant. It's really a vegan grocery store, that has been opened for six years.  With Sprouts opening up about a mile away, I wonder how long the grocery store will stay open.  But, Organix has a good sized vegan menu.  There are vegan burgers, chicken, even fish, on the menu.  There menu also says no substitutions or modifications.  WTF is this?  The vegan version of that jerk Sang Yoon and his overrated Father's Office?

Mac Daddy, $11, a la carte, bean pattie, special sauce, lettuce, vegan cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun!  This was a very dry burger.  The patties were mushy, and just the wrong texture.  They have whole pieces of kidney beans in the patty.  Why they left whole kidney beans, instead of mixing them up, I have no idea.  While there was some vegan thousand island dressing, there wasn't enough.  While this burger is huge, the taste and quality of the burger isn't there.

Fries, $3, I'm guessing frozen fries, but good portion and taste.

Service was ok.  The guy at register just goes through the motions.  He's not friendly or personable.  He was on his phone most of the time I was there, only stopping to take my order and get my food.  

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Wolfe’s Kitchen & Deli

Wolfe’s Market
160 W Foothill Blvd
Claremont, CA 91711

Wolfe's Market used to be popular Claremont market.  But, the big box markets came in and basically put the market part of Wolfe out of business.  But, in a very wise move, Wolfe's added a deli and catering in the back of the store, and now it's a very popular deli place.  The front of the store will soon become Meat Cellar,  which is moving a few blocks west of their old location!  The signs in the windows say late 2017, but they are still working on moving Meat Cellar.

Cheese sandwich, $7.39.  I asked for cheddar and havarti cheese with only mayo, lettuce and tomatoes on squaw bread.  I got havarti cheese with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes AND red onions, cucumbers, sprouts,  and bell peppers.  The menu says veggie or cheese.  When I placed my order the lady didn't have a clue.  I asked I want a cheese sandwich.  She never asked until later what kind of bread.  Then she wasn't sure how much cheese I could get.  Another guy said four slices of cheese and I could choose the cheese, so I picked havarti and cheddar.  Well I only got one slice of cheese in the sandwich and it was only havarti.  The items were all fresh.  The quality of the sandwich is good.  But, how do you screw up the order?  I didn't have time for them to make a new sandwich. 

Service needs improvement!  The people are nice but need to be trained better.  I'm not sure if the lady making the order or management is to blame for this.  I mean it should be simple training.  Or simply reading the ticket that she wrote.

For a long time sandwich place, I'm shocked at the bad service of Wolfe's.  I won't go back!