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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Pieology Pizzeria

Pieology Pizzeria
505 N Grand Ave
Walnut, CA 91789

If this Pieology location looks familiar it should, this used to be Bella Napoli Trattoria & Pizza and has been open for about four years. After going to Project Pie, I noticed I have never reviewed Pieology, so I corrected that! Pieology and Blaze, are chains that are striving to be the "Subway" of pizza.

This is a busy shopping center with a Starbucks and about 4-6 other chain restaurants.  So parking can be tough to find during lunch and dinner time.  The restaurant itself is about medium sized but there is plenty of seating outside.

Whole wheat crust with mushrooms, jalapenos, and spinach, $9.23.  I love the crust and the option of having whole wheat!  The crust was firm but not cracker like,  yet chewy and good flavor.  The toppings were fresh and the sauce was good.

Service is good.

How would I rank the three contenders?  Pieology is clearly the best.  Project Pie would be second.  I really liked Blaze when I tried it, and would be a close second.  But when I found out that LaFRAUD James is a huge investor in Blaze, it quickly made it my third favorite, and I vow never to go to Blaze again.