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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


17490 Colima Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

After Pieology, I forgot about Pizza Rev, another contender that are striving to be the "Subway" of pizza along with Project Pie, and Blaze.  Located in a very busy strip mall, that has a sandwich shop, a seafood grill, and a burger restaurant, Pizza Rev is a medium sized restaurant.  You enter the line and tell what kind of dough and then toppings you want.  You then go pay.  The pizza takes about five minutes to bake.

Tuesday special, $6.53. Regular price $8.45.  I got spinach, jalapeno, mushrooms, and red onions.  The crust was too thin for my tastes.  It wasn't crispy, just sorta there. They had some kind of cornmeal on the outer edges that was weird.  The toppings were all fresh, but they slice the spinach into small strips.  The person who added my toppings could have added more toppings, but there weren't that many jalapenos, and could have spread them out better!

Service was good.

Ok, so what is my favorite?  I'll stick with Pieology.