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Saturday, May 7, 2016


3405 E Imperial Hwy
Brea, CA 92823

Slapfish is a chain that recently came into the LA/OC market.  The Brea location opened in a new complex that includes a Whole Paycheck, I mean, Whole Foods, and other upscale restaurants and shops.

A friend told me to check out Slapfish and when I saw they had lobster rolls on their menu, I was going to give them a try!  The two places that I had lobster rolls were Knuckle & Claw and Lobster Grill.  They couldn't be more different!  Knuckle & Claw's lobster roll was served hot, while Lobster Grill's was served cold and more of a lobster salad. 

Fish and chip, $9.  They use hoki fish, which I think tastes a lot like pollock.  The batter was light and crispy.  The portion size was huge, well worth the $9.  The fries were great, still crispy on the outside and soft on the inside!

Lobster roll, $18.  A bit smaller than Knuckle & Claw's version, but also served hot.  This a good, with real lobster, flavorful, and very little to no fillers.  This wasn't a lobster salad!  The bun is better than Knuckle & Claw, but the lobster, which is what you're paying for, is a notch below.  But, still a good example of a lobster roll and a good price.

Service was good.  Orders are cooked to order, so expect a wait!  It's counter service and the girl who took my order was very nice.

I would go back to Slapfish, even if it is behind the Orange Curtain!