Thursday, April 5, 2012

Abbots's Pizza Company-Closed

Abbots's Pizza Company
4410 Sepulveda Blvd
Culver City

Bagel crust pizza, that's what Abbots's Pizza Company is known for. The bagel crust sounded interesting enough and I put Abbot's on my list of pizza places to try. Abbot's has three location with the original being in Venice and they have been around since 1995. I was in Culver City, which I think is their newest location, and I dropped in.

I got a large New York pie with chicken sausage and portobello mushroom, $21.15. A large is $15.95 and each topping is $1.75.

The toppings themselves were very good. The chicken sausage was flavorful, had a good blend of spices and a good quality chicken. The portobello mushrooms were fresh and flavorful, with a very good earthy flavorful. But, as you maybe able to see, the toppings weren't distributed well. Some slices had a ton of mushrooms but little chicken sausage, while other had a lot of chicken sausage and very little mushrooms. I didn't order a half chicken sausage and half portobello mushrooms pizza, but a two topping pizza with chicken sausage and portobello mushrooms.

But, the crust wasn't good at all. Some parts of the crust was too thick and chewy while other parts became soggy and couldn't handle the toppings. If your claim to fame is a bagel crust pizza and I'm not impressed with it, I'm not coming back.

Service was friendly but too damn slow. I placed my order and the girl told it would be about 10 minutes. I figured no problem, I was expecting a wait. But, the pizza took about 30 minutes to bake!! WTF took so damn long?

While the toppings were very good, overall I wasn't impressed with Abbot's Pizza Company. If I'm on the Westside, which is rare since it's filled with a bunch of pretentious jerk people, I won't return to Abbots's Pizza Company!