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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Umami Burger- Costa Mesa

So the pretentious assholes of Orange County, most of who are too scared to go to LA, can now enjoy the famous Umami Burger without going to LA. The New Diner has already reviewed two other Umami locations, Umami Hollywood and Umami La Brea. Since I was going to be behind the Orange Curtain and surrounded by pretentious assholes, I figured why not see them at their best; trying to be hip and copying something from LA.

Umami Burger in Costa Mesa is located in a shopping center called The Camp. It's modeled after a camp site, with different sections for stores and restaurants. Parking just sucks at The Camp, because there are too many stores and not enough parking spaces. They have a valet, which charges a reasonable $3. If you can't find parking quickly, just pay the $3. A restaurant called Mesa has a very popular happy hour and a yoga studio both explain why the parking lots fills up.

Earth burger, $12, mushrooms and edamame patty, white soy aioli, truffle ricotta, cipollini onions, lettuce and slow roasted tomato. I know people may say you're at a burger place, you should get a burger made with beef or at least turkey. But, I wanted to see how their veggie burgers were. Big mistake. This burger was disgusting!! The patty was a soggy, flavorless mess. I couldn't taste any of the toppings. The only thing I could taste was the bun, which is always good-nice texture and flavor.

Service is good. But, I was surprised that the restaurant is so small. They really don't have room for a big group, so don't come here with ten of your friends expecting to get a table quickly.

I'll chalk this experience at Umami Burger to ordering the wrong burger. I would go back to Umami, but not the OC location, and I would not order the earth burger again. I'll stick to the beef or try the turkey or ahi tuna burger.