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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tang's Donuts and Sandwiches-Closed

Tang's Donuts and Sandwiches
4341 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles

I have eaten at three; Vince's Market, Lanza Brothers Market, and Sandwich Island, of five sandwich shops that were profiled in the LA Weekly. I know they listed six places, but I will never go to that overpriced soda shop ever again.

Tang's Donuts is located a couple doors from Garage Pizza, which still serves up great pizza!!  Unless you're a Cal State Long Beach graduate, you can tell that Tang's is a donut store that added sandwiches to the menu.  They are open late on Friday and Saturday and draws in the after party crowds. 

Turkey and swiss cheese, with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes on a grilled roll, $4.62.  I liked the toasted roll., which was nice and chewy.  The turkey is standard, nothing to write home about, the veggies are fresh.  This sandwich won't overwhelm you or make you get into your car and drive out of your way to Tang's.  But, if you're in the area, this is much better than any chain sandwich shop!

Service is good.  The lady who took my order and made my sandwich was very nice and friendly.

Like I said before, Tang's is a good solid sandwich.  I wouldn't have a problem going back, but I'm not making a special trip to get a sandwich.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sandwich Island-Closed

Sandwich Island
3333 S Hoover St
Los Angeles

I plan to eat at 5 of the 6 Tasty Cold Cut Subs under $5 that were profiled in the LA Weekly Story. I will never go to that overpriced soda shop ever again. I already went to Vince's Market and Lanza Brothers Market. So, while near USC, I stopped in at Sandwich Island, which is located in the University Village Food Court.

Sandwich Island is a no frills sandwich place.  You walk up to the counter, pick your sandwich and they make your sandwich right there for you.  Prices are about $5 for the small sandwich, and the sandwiches are huge!  I was surprised that even though USC students are still on Christmas break, driving around their new Lexus and wearing their new $400 jeans, Sandwich Island was pretty busy. 

Turkey breast on wheat roll, mayo, lettuce and tomatoes; $4.80.  The amount of turkey is huge as you can see in the picture.  The turkey is decent quality turkey that you will find at any local supermarket deli counter.  The veggies are fresh and the roll is soft and has a nice chewy texture.   Overall the sandwich is good, not the best, but well worth the price.

Service is great.  The Chinese lady who owns Sandwich Island, is very nice and helpful.  LA Weekly wrote she is Korean, but I guess all Asians look alike?  Nice reporting LA Weekly.  The sandwiches were made quickly, even though there was a good sized line. 

If you're expecting the greatest sandwich you ever had, don't come to Sandwich Island.  But, if you want a good sandwich at a good price, Sandwich Island is your place to go.