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Monday, October 30, 2017

Yum Buffet & Grill

Yum Buffet & Grill
3920 Grand Ave
Chino, CA 91710

Yum Buffet & Grill replaced the Hometown Buffet in Chino.  They really gave the space a huge upgrade.  They put tile on the walls and it's a much nicer place to have dinner.

There is a huge buffet line along the back wall, with the Mongolian BBQ at the far left!

The buffet on a Sunday night is $16.99.  

Chow mein, with coconut shrimp and shrimp from the seafood delight entree.The chow mein was mainly noodles.  There were some celery and cabbage, but 98% yellow noodles.  Pretty standard.

The coconut shrimp was way too sweet.  The shrimp was coated in a thick batter and then deep fried, then a sweet coconut sauce.  Not a good dish.

The shrimp from the seafood delight entree was well cooked and seasoned.
Sauteed mushrooms and greenbeans!  The mushrooms were great, well seasoned, good flavor and not overcooked.  They have steak at the Mongolian BBQ, so the mushrooms would make a good addition to the steak.

The greenbeans were cooked with some garlic and this was a good dish. 

Mongolian BBQ- shrimp, mushrooms, green onions, red and brown onions, and jalapenos!  This is cooked to order. This was great!  Fresh veggies, and shrimp and loved the fact they had some jalapenos, which added a nice heat to the dish!

Shrimp cocktail and fried shrimp.  Shrimp cocktail was small sized shrimp that was chilled and well cooked.  The cocktail sauce, I think I got the medium heat, was good, even for something that I suspect is from a bottle.

The fried shrimp was your standard frozen shrimp dropped into the fryer.  Some pieces were good depending how how long the shrimp was on the steam tray.  I got some pieces that just came from the fryer and tasted good.  Others had been on the steam tray for too long.  Just the way things go at a buffet. 

Snow crab clusters.  A bit salty, but meaty and plentiful.  They restocked the crab legs frequently and the new batch were quickly taken.

Service was pretty good.  But, one of the servers just stood there staring at the 2-3 tables, waiting to take away any used dishes.  It was like you were being watched by the lunch aides during elementary school lunch.

Overall Yum Buffet and Grill was a good value.  I would go back there.