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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Salsa & Beer

Salsa & Beer
11669 Sherman Way
North Hollywood, CA 91607

Salsa & Beer is a very busy Mexican restaurant in North Hollywood.  Their parking lot is so damn small for such a big building, and street parking is tough to find.  But, the place is still packed!

It's a dark restaurant with dark woods, and very low lighting.  As you walk into the restaurant, the hostess stand is on the left.  Walk in further and there are two bars!  A smaller bar with just seating along the bar, to the right.  A bigger bar with seating at the bar and along the counter.  Dining areas are all over.

Shrimp enchilada, $8.99, with rice and beans.  The shrimp enchilada was damn good.  There was a good amount of small sized shrimp, that was well cooked and seasoned.  The tortilla held up well to the sauce.  A good dish and really a steal at the $8.99 price!  I didn't touch the beans.  But, the rice was overcooked. I should have asked for new rice, but I was parking on the street which is only one hour parking.

Service at the larger bar area was good.  The lady was nice.  She took my drink order and brought chips and bean dip quickly.  But, then she took awhile to come back to take my order.  She wasn't the bartender, so I don't know where she went.  I was looking at my watch because I was coming close to the one hour time limit.  One of the biggest reasons, was the bad service by the hostess!  She asked how many.  I said one.  She asked if I wanted to sit at the bar.  I looked around, saw no seats and said I'll sit at a table.  Then I asked how long is the wait, she said about 5-10 minutes.  Well, the wait was more like 15-20 minutes!  Come on now!  The thing is, as I was sitting in their waiting area with a lot of other people, I saw empty tables!!  Get your act together!

While the shrimp enchiladas were very good and a great price, I won't go back to Salsa & Beer again.  It's really not worth the hassle of finding parking and the long wait times!