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Monday, October 16, 2017

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria-El Segundo

 Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
2121 Rosecrans Ave Ste 1399
El Segundo, CA 90245

I reviewed the Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn a few years ago.  A few weeks back I read about a Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in El Segundo, and they have a $10 Monday special in October!  So, the first Monday I could, I made a trip to El Segundo.  Located across Rosecrams Ave from Union Pizza Company, on the ground floor of a business complex, Grimaldi’s is a huge restaurant.

There is a huge dining room to the right as you enter.  To the left is a galley style bar area.  Red and white checked tablecloths and New York City subway signs finish off the decor.

16 in cheese pizza, October Monday Special, $10.  Regular price $19.  This was slightly too well done.  The pizza should have been pulled about 2-3 minutes before.  The crust was too crispy and tough.  It was a bit different than the texture than the Grimaldi’s from Brooklyn, that has everything to do with the water!  The sauce was the same and so was the cheese.

Service, if you're ordering take out you order at the bar, was good.  The bartender, who was working a couple tables in the dining room, was very nice and helpful.

I was disappointed about the quality standards.  It would have been a very good pizza, if the crust wasn't well done.  I may go back to Grimaldi’s, but I wouldn't rush back to this El Segundo location.  I would go back to Union Pizza Company before going back to Grimaldi’s.