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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Noshi Sushi

Noshi Sushi
4430 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Noshi Sushi has been around since 1983.  They moved to the larger Beverly location a few years after opening.  It's a huge restaurant with booths lining two walls of the restaurant.  Along the western wall are tables, and the sushi bar covers the south wall.  I went to Noshi for the first time about two years ago. I thought their sushi was good, and wanted to come back.

One thing to remember, it's cash only!  Go to the ATM before coming or get charged a service fee for using their ATM.  Surprisingly on a Thursday night, they weren't that crowded, maybe 70% full.  If you come on a Friday or Saturday during dinner, expect a long wait!

Tuna nigri sushi-$4.50.  This was only ok.  I didn't taste as fresh as other tuna sushi I've had.  The deep red color gave me hope, but it just wasn't fresh.

California roll on the left, $4.50.  Shrimp tempura roll on the right, $4.50.  Noshi, is known for using real crab on their California rolls!  This was outstanding!  Good flavor and fresh crab and avocado!  You get four huge pieces and it's worth the $4.50 price.  I got another California, it was so good.

Shrimp tempura roll was only ok.  Five huge pieces but a very small piece of shrimp tempura that went straight from the freezer to the fryer! 

Shrimp nigri sushi, $4 and Jumbo scallop, $5.  The shimp was outstanding!  Very fresh and flavorful!  The jumbo scallop was huge, doh, it is the jumbo scallop, but fresh and flavorful!!

Service was good.  The servers are nice and friendly.  The sushi arrived quickly.

It was hit and miss this time at Noshi.  I won't rush back, but if I do, I will get the California roll!  I wish more sushi restaurants would use real crab for their California rolls!!