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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Elbows Mac N Cheese

Elbows Mac N Cheese
215 W Birch St
Brea, CA 92821

Elbows Mac N Cheese might be where Berkeley Dog used to be.  Anyways, a new restaurant in the ever changing Birch Street dining and entertainment center.  There was a Red Brick Pizza and a Fatburger that also called this address home.

It's a fairly small restaurant with counter service.  There are tables as you walk in and the counter is along the back of the building.  There are also about 3-4 tables outside.

Regular sized blue box mac and cheese-$7.55, with American and cheddar cheese.  This is a huge portion size.  The macaroni was cooked perfectly!  The cheese sauce was kind of bland but it did cover the macaroni.  Now that well done cheese topping kind of threw me off.  But, overall an ok dish.

Greenbean fries-$6.95.  I don't know why greenbean fries aren't the new thing!  They are so good.  A nice batter covering the greenbeans!  I'm betting it's frozen, but these were very good.

Service is ok.  The girl who helped us was nice and friendly, but when we walked to the counter she just disappeared to the back.  She made eye contact with us, but still went to the back.  Not sure why, but at least say something before leaving us hanging at the counter.

But, what I found unsettling Elbows, is that the staff treated their job as if they were at home.  I saw staff members eating while on the job.  I saw staff members just sit at tables meant for customers and talk as if they were sitting around the dinner table. Whoever the manager is, they need to get their staff members to treat their jobs as a job, not a social network.

I wouldn't go back to Elbows again.  The main draw, the mac and cheese, was ok.  But, nothing outstanding.