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Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Morrison

The Morrison
3179 Los Feliz Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039

The Morrison is across the street from Giamela's, an ok pizza place with terrible service the last time I went.  It's a huge gastropub with an L-shaped bar on the left and booths along the back wall.  There is a long community table that is as high as a bar, right in the middle of the room when you walk in.

It's a dark place with black paint normally.  The day I went they had Halloween decorations up, which made it even darker. 

Veggie sliders, $6, with grilled onions and tomatoes.  While the menu says it comes with home made BBQ sauce, there were no condiments on the burger. They give you a four condiment tray with ketchup, BBQ sauce, mustard and mayo.  So, you can out what you want, and as much as you want!

The veggie slider was just ok.  The patty is made with corn, beans, rice, cilantro, carrots, panko, oatmeal.  A good size and filling.  But, nothing great.  The veggie burger is regularly $13. I would not have been happy paying $13 for full veggie burger.  They have a portobello mushroom burger, also for $13, on their regular menu.  If I come back, I may give that a try!

Mac n cheese, $6, happy hour price, $9 regular price.  Macaroni, cream cheese, whole milk, butter, flour, Tapatio, jalapenos, garlic, shallots, and bread crumbs.

This was a huge dish, well worth the $6 happy hour price.  I didn't taste any of the Tapatio or jalapenos.  But, this was a great mac n cheese.  A very creamy cheese sauce, while a bit underseasoned, it was very good.  The mac n cheese was cooked perfectly.  I like spicy food but didn't taste any spice in this mac and cheese.  But, I really liked this mac and cheese.

Service was below average but friendly.  While everybody from the hostess to the server was nice, it was too slow.  I was seated quickly by the hostess.  A couple minutes later a host took my drink order.  Why they have 2-3 host/hostess is beyond me!  But, they were fine.  Then I wait, then wait, then wait, and wait some more.  Finally I see a third hostess and ask who is my server.  She goes gets the server and I place my order.  He comes back with my sliders and refills my drink.  A runner came by with the mac n cheese a few minutes later.  The server comes back once again to ask how everything was.  Then I ask for my check.  I must have waited another 5 minutes for the check.  Most of the tables were filled in the restaurant, but there were plenty of other servers.  I don't know why the service was so slow.  My entire time there would have been about 20 minutes less, if service wasn't so slow.

The mac n cheese was the highlight for me.  A great example of mac n cheese.  But, service was slow and the burgers, which they are known for, was just ok.  It maybe awhile before I go back!