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Friday, September 15, 2017

Fusion Burgers

Fusion Burgers
5933 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90042

Fusion Burgers is a small burger restaurant across the street from Maximiliano, which is still open.  There are about 10-12 tables and you get a view of the very busy York Blvd. 

Ahi Delight, $12.40.  Tuna patty, avocado spread, tartar sauce, ginger, carrot, pickles, and daikon sprouts.

This was a good burger, but the ginger doesn't work well with this burger.  The ahi was cooked to medium-rare and it was good, fresh tasting.  The avocado spread was nice and creamy.  The veggies were fresh.  But, the ginger just gave it a weird taste.  I would get this again, but without the ginger.

Service was good but off.  Our server was nice and friendly and we got our food quickly.  But, when we arrived there was nobody at the hostess stand and almost every table still had not been cleaned!  What was they doing?  It's a small enough restaurant that they couldn't be understaffed.  I went into the kitchen and a lady said she would be right there.  While we waited for somebody to help us, about 2-3 minutes, a lady having dinner with her kids told us, the service was very slow.  We didn't experience the slow service, but it didn't leave a good first impression when all the empty tables still hadn't been cleared and nobody was there to greet us.

I'm indifferent about going back to Fusion Burger.  The burgers are good, fairly priced, and we got good service.  But, we were the only ones in the restaurant.  If I went back during a busy time, service may not be as good.