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Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Melt-Closed

The Melt
7870 Monet Ave Ste 1050
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739

The Melt is a San Francisco Bay Area based chain.  I went toThe Melt at the Americana in Glendale, which is now closed, and thought it was pretty good.  I found out that The Melt had a location at the Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga, and since I've never been to Victoria Gardens, I decided to go.

The Melt is on a corner lot with a good sized dining area in the middle of the room.  The line to order is to the left as you enter. The Melt trys to appeal the hipster crowd with their decor.  I find it boring, but whatever!

3 Cheese classic with sharp cheddar, muenster, and fontina cheese, $5.99 on artisan French bread with jalapenos.  Florentine bacon mac & cheese, $4.99- No bacon, creamy cheddar, fontina & provolone with spinach and crispy onions.

The 3 Cheese classic was ok, but I was expecting more flavor!  Maybe the muenster and fontina balanced out the sharp cheddar or maybe the sharp cheddar isn't as sharp.  But, it was lacking flavor.  Good thing I added the jalapenos!  That added a nice kick to the grilled cheese.  The artisan French bread was good though.

Like an idiot, I ordered the Florentine bacon mac & cheese without the bacon, instead of the trio mac & cheese, which is $3.99.  For that extra $1 I got bits of spinach.  Totally not worth the extra price.  Florentine actually means a dish serve with spinach!  But, the mac & cheese was very creamy and the amount of cheese was great.  The macaroni was a bit undercooked, too tough and chewy, maybe another 2-3 minutes in the pot and it would have been fine.

Service was good.  Nice and friendly.  But, you can order on tablets instead of the counter, but the tablets only accept cards, no cash!  I wish they would have a sign, wasted a few minutes ordering on the tablets, only to find they do not accept cash.

I wouldn't go back to The Melt again.