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Friday, September 29, 2017

22nd St Landing Seafood Grill & Bar

22nd St Landing Seafood Grill & Bar
141 A W 22nd St
San Pedro, CA 90731

A few years back I went to 22nd St Landing Seafood Grill & Bar in San Pedro.  I thought the food was ok, and I was back in San Pedro and decided to go there for lunch.  22nd St Landing Seafood Grill & Bar is a huge restaurant that seems to take up the entire second floor of this building.  The dining area is a dated, a fresh coat of paint and new flooring would do this restaurant a world of good.

The back wall has huge windows which give you a great view of the marina!  If the sun is shining, it can get hot but the hostess will say you can pull down the shade.  There are booths and tables spread out over the middle part of the restaurant.  A good sized bar is on the right side of the dining area.

Alaskan halibut, $28 on the bill, $27 on the menu near the entrance of the restaurant, with rice pilaf and steamed veggies.

The halibut was a decent sized portion and was grilled over wood.  Good flavor though the top part was a bit tough, as if it had been on the grill a little long.  But, it was moist and flavorful.  The veggies were ok, too much squash and zucchini for my tastes.  Rice pilaf was good, but a very small portion.

Overall, I don't think this was worth the $28 price tag.  I got the restaurant about 11:15am, thinking it opened at 11am.  But, they opened at 11:30am and during the wait, I checked out the lunch menu at the entrance.  That menu said $27 for the Alaskan halibut.  Since I already knew what I wanted to order, I didn't really look at the menu that I was given.  That menu price of the halibut could have been $28.

Now, it's only $1 but they need to put an up to date menu at the entrance.  The server was nice and I wasn't lacking for anything.  So, I wasn't going to argue about $1. But management needs to get on the ball.

I won't go back to 22nd St Landing Seafood Grill & Bar.  It's only ok, and there are much better options nearby!