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Monday, September 18, 2017

India Sweets & Spices

India Sweets & Spices
3126 Los Feliz Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039

India Sweets & Spices is a combination Indian grocery store and a steam table of food.  They have plenty of seating to dine in. It's a huge place and is usually busy.

Samosa- $1 each. My standard for samosa is Samosa House.  The samosa here is just ok.  Nothing great.  It is spicy.  The samosa are sitting on the steam table but they are not kept warm.  They are kept at room temp.  They are potatoes,  spices, and peas.  It's ok, a bit some spicy than Samosa House, but not nearly as good.  One huge factor is that Samosa House fries the samosa to order.  They are not sitting unheated on a steam tray!

Service is bad.  I got to the counter and two ladies are talking and while we make eye contact, they never bother to stop and come help me.  This must have continued for a few minutes.  Then one lady finally gets up but then a man, maybe the owner, has her do something.  So the other lazy lady comes up to help me.  

I won't go back to India Sweets & Spices.  Bad service and mediocre food are a bad combination!