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Friday, September 15, 2017

Rock’N Fish

Rock’N Fish
120 Manhattan Beach Blvd
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Pretentious jerk people, but a beautiful location and views of the Pacific Ocean!  That describes Rock’N Fish.  I hate going to Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach because they are filled with pretentious assholes!  I went to Rock’N Fish a couple years ago and forgot to do a review.  I had to be in Manhattan Beach and had lunch at Rock’N Fish.  They opened another location in Downtown Live, near Staples Center.

It's a fairly big restaurant with a nice outdoor seating area.  Where I sat if you looked west you saw the beautiful ocean!  Inside there is a huge bar on the left and a large dining area on the right.

Seared Wild Ahi 23.95-red wine peppercorn - szechuan green beans - jasmine rice, spicy mac and cheese.  The menu says you can substitute sides, so I asked for the spicy mac and cheese.  When my order arrived, they had the jasmine rice on the plate.  The server came by and dropped off a side of mac and cheese.  A huge freshly baked bread is included with lunch.

The ahi was pretty good, but I'm pretty sure it was frozen.  It was well seared to rare, but a bit underseasoned.  A little more salt would be make this a very well cooked ahi.  The ahi was ok, but I didn't think it was worth the high price tag!  It a decent quality but nothing outstanding.

The missing salt from the ahi might have been put in the szechuan green beans-which were too salty, but well cooked.  The spicy mac and cheese was great!  Just a touch of heat, but creamy cheese and perfectly cooked macaroni.  The rice, which I only ate a little bit was good.

Service was ok.  While my server was nice, she never asked me how everything was.  She did come by often and even refilled my water, but again never asked how the food was.  She was nice enough to get my a third side for free.  But, she confirmed that I ordered mac and cheese instead of the rice.