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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tito's Market

Tito's Market
9814 Garvey Ave
El Monte

Tito's Market is a very popular Argentinian sandwich shop.  This place gets packed.  There is a small market, but most of the building is dedicated to food service.  You order at the counter, where the lines can be very long.  But, they move quickly.

Chicken Milanesa, $4.79,breaded chicken with mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes.  I really liked this sandwich.  The chicken was full of flavor and tender.  The bread was lightly toasted and had a nice texture.  The veggies were fresh. 

Small Milanesa sandwich, $4.79.  As much as I liked the chicken milanesa, I didn't like the beef.  The beef was pretty bland and flavorless. 

Chicken empanada- $1.89.  A pretty good empanada.  There was a ton of well flavored chicken.  The outside was light and flakely.  But, one thing it didn't have much staying power.  I ordered two pieces and had one the next day.  The bag was soaked with oil from the empanada and was pretty soggy.  Best bet, eat it right away.

Beef empanada, $1.89. I didn't like the beef empanada as much.  They put olives in the mixture and the tangy, salty taste ruined it for me.  It just overwhelmed the beef. 

Service was good and the lines move quickly.  Don't be shy about asking if somebody is in line, because some people are standing there waiting for their food, but they look as though they are in line waiting to order.

I would go back for the chicken milanse sandwich and try some of their other sandwiches.  I think the prices for the sandwiches are a steal, and make this one of the best places to get a sandwich in the LA area.  I just won't get the milanese sandwich again.