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Monday, October 14, 2013

Hot Dog Pops-Closed

Hot Dog Pops
808 N Diamond Bar Blvd
Diamond Bar

Does the outside of Hot Dog Pops look familiar?  Yes, this space used to be D' Antonio's, which was a long time Italian restaurant in Diamond Bar.  After D' Antonio's closed, a Thai restaurant opened and quickly closed; I doubt they were open for more than six months. Then Hot Dog Pops replaced them.

In regards to the name, hot dogs should be easy to figure out.  But, the pops is for soda pop.  They have a large selection of bottled soda!   Most of the bottled sodas are made with sugar, not that nasty HFCS crap.  

Hot Dog Pops has basically the same layout as D' Antonio's, I bet the booth are the same exact booths as D' Antonio's.  But, the decor is different.  There are empty soda bottles all over the store.  
Aron dog, $6.50, on Dutch bread with garlic spread, lettuce diced tomatoes, fried onions, and avocado.  The hot dog is a 1/4 pound all beef skinless hot dog.  I'm betting it's a Hoffy brand hot dog.  It was pretty average and nothing I couldn't get from the store.  But, the hot dog was deep fried, they never mentioned that on the menu.  The vegetable toppings were fresh, though I got tomato slices not diced tomatoes.  But, the onion rings were just frozen onion rings fried in their fryer.  The bread wasn't a bun, but Dutch bread.  This just engulfed the hot dog.  This hot dog was a complete waste of money and time.

Service was pretty good.  The server was nice, but she needs to be trained better.  She brought two boxes since we had leftovers.  When she walked by again, she asked if we needed a bag.  We said yes.  She come by and brings a bag and just leaves it on the table.  Why couldn't she take the 20 seconds to put the two boxes in the bag?  I'll admit this isn't that big of a deal.  But, come on, take the extra step to do a good job.

Hot Dog Pops really should change their name.  For a restaurant that has HOT DOG on it's name, they should have more hot dogs on the menu.  They only have 11 hot dogs on the menu.  But, they have over 20 sandwiches on the menu!  A Montana Dog has chili.  When has Montana ever been known for chili?  How about a Chicago dog?  Or a New York dog?  None of the hot dogs have just mustard and onions; your basic hot dog.   They only have one type of hot dog; a very average brand of hot dog.  They do not have any turkey or veggie dogs.   They could actually steam or grill the hot dogs, instead of deep frying them. Then the price of the hot dog; $6.50, is a complete rip off!  I saw on their business card that all their hot dogs and sandwiches are over one pound.  Well, hell, when the bread is about 1/2 pound, it's easy for the hot dog to be over a pound.

I won't return to Hot Dog Pops.