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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Monte 52

Monte 52
5200 Monte Vista St
Los Angeles

There are many sources I use to find out about restaurants.  I was reading a story in the Eastsider LA and noticed another story about a hidden gem sandwich place in Highland Park called Monte 52,  which is located inside La Tropicana Market. 

Cuban, $6, roasted pork, cucumbers, cheese, mayo, mustard.

I thought this sandwich was a bit dry and needed more mustard and mayo.  But, the roasted pork was well cooked and seasoned.  The thing about a Cuban sandwich is the variety of flavors, from the pork to the tangy pickles, and the mustard.  This sandwich had most of it, but needed more mustard.

Italian, $6, ham, capicola and provolone, lettuce, tomato, with spicy giardiniera and chimichurri sauce.  WOW, what a great sandwich. I usually get mayo on my Italian sandwiches, because I hate the vinegar and oil most places put on the sandwiches.  But, I figured I would try the giardinierra and chimichurri and wow,  they were great.  They added a bold and spicy flavor to this sandwich!  The veggies were fresh.   The meats were piled high and the bread was toasted perfectly. 

Service is good.  The guy, who I believe is the owner, was nice and friendly.  Though, he should have suggested a side item, when ordered with a sandwich $1, or ala carte $3.  The pasta and potato salad looked pretty good in the display case.

I would go back to Monte 52 anytime for the Italian sandwich, what a great sandwich!