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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fromin's Restaurant

Fromin's Restaurant
1832 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica

I decided to do a two stop deli tour in Santa Monica.  Figures, the day I pick to be in Santa Monica it's one of the warmer days in summer.  No, wait, it should be fall!!  I went to Formin's first, then I went to Izzy's Deli.  Both are four blocks from each other on Wilshire Blvd.

Formin's is a big deli but they do not have counter seating.  There is a small bakery and deli counter in the front and a big dining area on the left side of the room.

Half corned beef sandwich; $8.95, with cole slaw.  The corned beef was dry as a desert.  A very bad example of corned beef.  I really liked the rye bread, with lots of caraway seeds, a soft texture and a firm but not hard crust.

Service by the host and cashier was very good.  I was greeted when I walked in and was taken to a table right away.  The cashier was friendly while I paid my bill.  But, the server and busboy was terrible!!   After being seated, I waited a few minutes before she even came to my table.  During that time the busboy asked if I wanted coffee, I said No thank you, just ice water please.  He comes with water and a few cubes of ice.  I then asked him for some ice, and he cops an attitude!  I mean WTF?  If he had put more ice into the cup before I wouldn't have asked. 

Once the server came to my table, no Hi! or Would I like something else to drink.  Just "Have you decided or do I need a few minutes."  Now, I knew what I wanted, but I felt as though she was rushing me out of the restaurant.  It was like I interrupted her Sunday, and she couldn't be bothered.   She only came to my table to give me the check.  No, how is everything or if I wanted something else.  I can appreciate she did have other tables, but it wasn't busy when I was there. 

I wouldn't come back to Formin's again.  A terrible example of corned beef and terrible service by the server, means they lost a customer!