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Friday, October 18, 2013

Ocean Star Restaurant-Closed

Ocean Star Restaurant
145 N Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park

After getting some dim sum to go from Capital BBQ & Dim Sum Express,  I went across Atlantic Blvd and went to Ocean Star.  A huge restaurant on the second floor, I can imagine how busy they are on the weekends.

The weekday dim sum had the ladies with the carts full of dim sum walking around.  You pick what items you want and they will stamp your ticket. 

All these items are $1.68, expect the lobster e-mein, which was $12.

Shrimp har gow.  The inside was very flavorful.  But, eating the inside was like eating gummy bears.  Very gummy and chewy.

Baked BBQ pork bun.  Most people are used to the steamed BBQ pork buns, but I've started ordering the baked BBQ pork buns.  This was just ok, the outside is sticky, maybe made with honey, and had a tough chewy texture.  The pork was ok, not a lot of pork, and lacked flavor.

Steamed BBQ pork bun.  The pork is the same as the baked BBQ buns, but the the outside was good, with a firm texture.
Pork siu mai.  I wasn't too impressed with this.  The pork was ok, it could have used some more seasoning, but the portion size was good.

Lobster e-mein, $12.  The lobster was steamed perfectly.  But, the gravy lacked seasoning and was pretty bland.  The noodles were cooked perfectly too, but the lack of seasoning made this a mediocre dish.  But, the amount of lobster made this a great value, really, it's a steal!

Service was good, but the sui mai cart only came around once during my visit!  Not sure why, because sui mai is one of the most popular dim sum dishes.

I wasn't that impressed with the dim at Ocean Star.  But, the lobster e-mien is a steal, and a bit more seasoning would have made it a very good dish.