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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

JP Latin Deli

JP Latin Deli
9047 Arrow Rte Ste 190
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

I like Peruvian food!   The first Peruvian restaurant I went to was Choza Mama in Pasadena, which I really enjoyed.  My other trips to Peruvian restaurants were disappointing- Intiraymi Restaurant, Mario's Peruvian Seafood Restaurant, and Pollos Kikiryki.  So, I'm on the look out for a good Peruvian restaurant.  So, when a friend told me about JP Latin Deli, I had to make a trip!

JP Latin Deli has an interesting history!  This Rancho Cucamonga location is their third location and have been here for about seven years.  Their first location opened in Montclair on Holt Ave. and then moved to Upland, before settling in this business complex.  The exterior blends into the other buildings and without a sign on the marquee, it can be a little tough to find.  It's a fairly big restaurant with simple tables and chairs.  The set up is a bit confusing, is this counter service or table service.  It is table service, though you go to counter to get seated.

Calamara frito $12-fried calamari with red onions, cilantro, and tomatoes.  The calamari was chewy, pretty sure it was frozen, and wasn't crispy.  Small portion too.  Not worth the $12 price tag.

Saltado de mariscos, $14, seafood sauteed in peruvian spices- mussels, shrimp, octopus, with onions tomatoes, green peppers, with with rice.  This may look like a lot of food, but when you cut the tomatoes and onions into big pieces it is deceiving.  This was pretty flavorful, you got about three of each seafood but this is mostly vegetables and little amount of seafood.

Service is friendly but off.  As I mentioned before, you're not sure if this is table or counter service.  The soda machine is out on the counter and another table was refilling their drinks at the soda machine, so when in Rome or should I say Lima?  Anyways, the owner/chef would actually come out and sit at the table with people he knew.  His wife was working the register and being the server.  Again friendly but you're not sure if you're eating with friends or at a restaurant.

I think JP is overpriced and with the saltado de mariscos was flavorful, the calamari wasn't good. My quest continues for a good Peruvian restaurant!