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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pollos Kikiryki

Pollos Kikiryki
344 S Indian Hill Blvd

My exposure to Peruvian food is limited to a visit to Choza Mama in Pasadena. I really enjoyed the food, though not the slow service, and wanted to try more Peruvian restaurants. Well, I haven't been to another Peruvian restaurant until I went to Pollos Kikiryki today.

While Choza Mama was a sit down restaurant, Pollos Kikiryki is more a counter service, casual restaurant in an old shopping center in Claremont. It's hard to see from either of the two busy streets, Indian Hill and Arrow Highway, that border the shopping center. But during a late lunch, almost everyone of the eight booths was filled with hungry customers.

I got the tallarin saltado with chicken, $9.99, which is really chow mein with red onions and tomatoes. When I first had Peruvian food, I was very surprised at the Asian influence on the Peruvian cuisine. I understand the owners of Pollos Kikiryki are Asian.

The noodles in the tallarin saltado were undercooked and chewy, they needed about another 3-4 minutes in the boiling water. The small amount of chicken, was overcooked, tough pieces of white meat chicken, that was well seasoned. The onions and tomatoes were fresh. The dish could be good since it was well seasoned, but since the noodles were undercooked and chicken overcooked, it made for a bad dish.

Service was good. The lady who took my order was nice and friendly.

I would not go back to Pollos Kikiryki, again. The prices are a bit high and the food just wasn't good.