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Monday, March 27, 2017

Good Neighbor Seafood Restaurant

Good Neighbor Seafood Restaurant
35122 Newark Blvd
Newark, CA 94560

Newark is near cities like Fremont and Union City in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I was staying in Newark and wanted some dinner.  Most places nearby were your standard chains, but I found Good Neighbor Seafood Restaurant.  Located in your standard suburban strip mall, this looks like it was a fast food restaurant in it's past glory.

A large restaurant with about 20 tables inside, they also do a very good take out business- there must have been at least 5 people picking up take out in the 5 minutes I was there.  There weren't too many people dining in, maybe three tables. 

Shrimp and brocolli, $7.95.  The container was heavy, but it's mostly because of the broccoli.  Which wasn't cooked enough for my taste.  I'm betting they barely touched boiling water, it was almost raw.  I prefer softer broccoli.  The broccoli was also cut into huge pieces!  They need to cut the pieces into smaller pieces!  But, the shrimp was good and the sauce was flavorful. 

Vegetable chow mein- $6.95, with baby bok choy and zucchini!  I rarely see zucchini in Chinese dishes, but it must have been on sale this week, because this had a ton of zucchini!  Again, cut into huge pieces!  I hate zucchini, so I set them aside.  The baby bok chuy, again cut into huge pieces, were cooked perfectly.  The sauce was good and the noodles well cooked.  A very good value for the price.

Service was pretty good.  I did notice you could pick three dishes out of 62 items for $21.90, which I thought was an outstanding deal.  The dish include shrimp, fish, chicken and beef items.  If the portions are anywhere close to the portions I got for items I ordered off the menu, it's a great deal!

I thought Good Neighbor was a good restaurant and I would go back if I'm in the area.