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Monday, March 13, 2017

Fish N More Seafood & Grill

Fish N More Seafood & Grill
1123 E Alosta Ave
Azusa, CA 91702

Fish N More Seafood & Grill used to be Falafel ME.  Of course, there was a change in concept and I'm pretty sure the owners of Falafel ME were the ones who changed to a seafood place.  Located in a Stater Bros. shopping center, Fish N More has a small dining area with some booths along the back wall, and counter seating.  You order at the counter and the food is delivered to you.  They offer a variety of seafood- from poke, fried, and grilled seafood. 

Fish & chips-$7.99 with coleslaw.  Fish is swai.  Two huge pieces of fish, nice and moist.  Not as crispy or crunchy as I would like.  Fried were undercooked and had been sitting under heat lamps for too long.  I didn't touch the coleslaw.  Overall a ton of food for the price.

Shrimp and chips-$8.99. Eight jumbo shrimp that came from the freeze to the fryer.  The shrimp was fine, but again, already fried and sitting under heat lamps.  I realize people are in a hurry, but fry these to order!  People do not mind the wait!  Fries were the same undercooked fries like the fish and chips.

Two things about the menu I want to mention.  On the menu they have fish and chips for $7.99 and white fish (swai) for $8.99.  I asked what is the difference and was told the white fish is one piece and the fish and chips is two pieces.  Then I asked what kind of fish is used for the fish and chips and was told swai.  So what is the difference? 

In the Grill & Garden section they list the protein and sauce-Mediterranean, House, Caesar, and ORIENTAL!  What?  Are back in the 1950's?  Who uses ORIENTAL anymore?  That went out with Negro and bell bottoms.

Service is pretty good- nice friendly people.

I realize they just recently changed concepts but they have work to do.  Portion size and prices are fine, but they need to fry items to order and not keep them under heat lamps!