Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Rookery Alehouse and Grill-Moved

The Rookery Alehouse and Grill
117 W 2nd St
Pomona, CA 91766

Interesting!!  Sometime in 2018, The Rookery Alehouse and Grill moved to the space where The Burger House used to be!!

The Rookery Alehouse and Grill replaced Joey’s Bar B-Q.  The family that owned Joey's decided to change concept and turn it into a burger place.  David Allen reviewed The Rookery back in 2015. What is interesting that Burger House opened a couple doors down and just across Garey Ave., is Big D's Burgers!  So, why has Pomona exploded with a lot of burger places?  I think the credit goes to Gordon Ramsey!

On his Kitchen Nightmares show he featured Lela's-an upscale dining experience where the chef used mashed potatoes from a box! In the makeover, Ramsey felt an upscale dining restaurant in Pomona wasn't needed.  What was needed was a good burger place!  So, he introduced a new menu and it featured the Pomona Burger.  Lela's was so mismanaged it closed before the time they filmed Kitchen Nightmares to when the show actually aired!  I went to a restaurant that took the same of Lela's; Aladdin Jr.

The Rookery is huge, with a bar and same tables in the front room and long tables in the back room.  When I went there were only four other people in the restaurant at about 7pm.

The vegetarian house made veggie patty, red onion, tomato, swiss, garlic aioli, $10.  This was a lot of food for $10.  The veggie patty was black bean and house made, good texture and firmness.  The toppings were fresh, but there was only a very small amount of garlic aioli which made the burger dry.  I added some ketchup and it helped.  I would ask for more garlic aioli the next time.

The fries were very good, cut thick, well seasoned with the skin on.

Service was good.  I was greet by one of the two people working behind the bar when I walked in.  They answered my questions and were helpful.

I would go back to The Rookery, but I'm going to try the other two burger places nearby first.