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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Ootoro Sushi

Ootoro Sushi
1569 Fairway Dr Ste 126 B
Walnut, CA 91789

About a week ago, I was going to try Ootoro Sushi, but they are closed on Sunday. So, instead I went to Sushi Land, and loved the sushi!  Located in a shopping center that has a gate at the entrance, and is filled with high end stores that sell luxury jewelry, Ootoro is a very popular and busy place.  Even at lunch time there maybe a 15-20 minute wait for a table.

A fairly big restaurant, with the sushi bar right in front of you, as you walk in.  The back part of the space has plenty of tables, and there is a private room along the far wall. 

Blue fin tuna sushi- $8.95.  This was a very good quality sushi, though a bit too heavy on the wasabi.  But, I think the Sushi Land blue fin tuna at $7 was a better piece of fish.  At their regular $9 price, it is still better!!  I was expecting a bit more, but this is a good quality fish.

Blue crab hand roll, $8.95.  A good amount of blue crab, even though it looked like tuna fish.  But, very little mayo, and a good roll.

Halibut sushi, $7.95.  A good, fresh piece of fish.

Service is good.

There are other much more expensive fish on their menu, but I wanted to see how good less expensive pieces of fish were at Ootoro.  While good, they certainly didn't impress me enough to want to get the more expensive cuts of fish or to go back.