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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Full Moon House

Full Moon House
960 North Hill St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Full Moon House used to be Golden City, and is across the street from Fullhouse Seafood Restaurant, and the now closed Master Chef!  I believe Full Moon House opened in March or April of 2017.  I find it very interesting that Chinatown has three non Chinese restaurants that opened up and seem to be doing really well; Howlin' Ray's, Burger Lords, and Little Jewel of New Orleans, but Chinese restaurants are closing like Golden City and Master Chef!

Anyways, I was recently in Chinatown and I was going to eat at Master Chef.  But, when I walked to their restaurant, it was closed!  Then I noticed Full Moon House and decided to give them a try.  Full Moon House is bright, well lit, big dining space.  From what I remember the decor is basically the same as Golden City.

Starting at 9:30pm they have a late night menu, where certain dishes are discounted a couple dollars.

Sauteed shrimp- $10.95 late night special.  Regular price-$13.95- celery, carrots, and snow peas.  This was good, if a bit greasy.  There were about 8 large sized shrimp that were well cooked.  The veggies were crispy and fresh.  I just think they just too much oil, everything was double covered with oil.

Shrimp chow mein $8.95 late night special. Regular price-$10.95-Pan fried mixed with skinny soft noodles with with onions and bean sprouts.  Other chow mein choices are crispy skinny noodles with gravy, and pan fried mixed with spaghetti lo mein.

The skinny soft noodles aren't my thing.  I much the spaghetti lo mein noodles more.  This dish was ok,  Many of the onions were raw which made for a weird taste.  Some of the noodles were burnt, and some were well cooked.  Weird!  The shrimp, smaller than the sauteed shrimp, weren't that plentiful.  I would order the spaghetti lo mein the next time.

Service is good.  The restaurant was busy when I was there.  But, the servers were nice, and the food came out quickly.

I would go back to Full Moon House to try some of the other dishes.  But, I still miss Master Chef!