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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Manohar’s Delhi Palace

Manohar’s Delhi Palace
581 S Azusa Way
La Puente, CA 91747

 Manohar’s Delhi Palace is located in a very Latino strip mall.  But, they get a steady stream of diners coming into their restaurant for a their buffet lunch.  The buffet lunch is $15.95.  There is a good selection of meat items, but if you're vegetarian your choices are a bit limited.

Daal, samosa and veggie egg roll.  The daal was a bit too watery and didn't have that many lentils for me, but good flavor.  I'm betting the veggie egg rolls are frozen then dumped into a fryer. A below average item.  The samosa was very good, good flavor and seasonings, and a light outside, spicy too! But, they never refilled the samosas at the steam table, and once they were out, they put another item in it's place. 

The Indian version of fish and chips!  The fish-I got them at two different times- the first time the fish had clearly been on the steam table for too long.  Not cripsy, very soggy outside and kinda of dry on the inside.  But, the second time I got the fish they had just came out of the fryer and they were crispy, good flavor and moist fish!  Fries were seasoned frozened wedges.  Again it depends on when you get your order.  If you get it at the right time the fries are good.  Other times cold and just not good.

Service was OK.  There is one guy who is filling up water glasses all the time!  You will not be out of water for too long here.  But, after paying our bill in cash, we never brought back our change!  We didn't tell them keep the change.  Unless the customer tells you to keep the change, servers must give back change! 

Overall I thought Manohar’s Delhi Palace was below average! I've found other Indian buffets with larger selections of vegetarian items and better tasting food.