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Friday, December 8, 2017

Mama Musubi

Mama Musubi
South Pasadena Farmer's Market-every Thursday

The South Pasadena Farmer's Market is open every Thursday.  The number of people at the market depends on the weather.  The better the weather, the more people.  During colder days, there aren't many people there.  There are many places to get a prepared food at the market, but one place, Mama Musubi, always has a line!  During the summer months, there will be lines 8-10 deep when the market first opens, and around 6pm, the line is 15-20 deep!

Spicy tuna-$3.75- This is basically a spicy tuna roll shaped into a ball.  It's good with a lot of fresh tuna, but it isn't spicy at all.  Everything is fresh and the portion size and quality make it worth the price.

Service is good.  People are nice and friendly.  The line does move quickly.

I don't always go to the South Pasadena Farmer's Market but when I do, I usually get something from Mama Musubi!