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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Howlin’ Ray’s

Howlin’ Ray’s
727 N Broadway Ste 128
Los Angeles, CA 90012

For three years, from 2014-2016, I have been a pescatarian.  For 2017 I decided I would be a pescatarian for either 1% or 2% of time.  During the three years I didn't eat any meat, Nashville style fried chicken has become the hottest thing in fried chicken.  Howlin' Ray's is located in Chinatown, yes that does sound strange to me too!  The lines can be up to 2 hours long!!  I got to Howlin' Ray's  on a Saturday at about 11:40.  My wait time until I ordered was about 90 minutes.  I have heard that Howlin' Ray's has run out of food, so get there early.  They open on Saturday and Sunday at 11am.

I guess Nashville style fried chicken is adding a ton of spices to fried chicken.  At Howlin' Ray's they fry the chicken and then dip it in butter, then add the spice.

Whole chicken- half mild and half medium spice,  $28.

Rowlin' Ray's uses very good quality chicken.  The skin was very crispy and not greasy at all!  The mild wasn't spicy at all.  The breast meat was moist, juicy and flavorful.  The medium spice was maybe a 6 on a scale of 10.  The same crispiness and quality chicken.  But, the spice for the medium reminded me of shake and bake-which isn't a good thing.

Service is friendly and helpful.  The guy packing orders was just giving away things- I got a cup of extra pickles and could have gotten a cookie, but I turned it down.  But, he's kind of creepy the way he looks at the extra items the looks at you. 

Overall this is very good quality fried chicken, worth the price?  Yes.  Worth the wait?  No way!!  I would only go back if I had to wait under 30 minutes.