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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Irrawaddy Taste of Burma

Irrawaddy Taste of Burma
7076 Katella Ave
Stanton, CA 90680

For the longest time the only Burmese restaurant in the LA area was Golden Triangle in Whittier.  But, over the past 8-10 years a few other Burmese restaurants have popped up.  Irrawaddy maybe the first Burmese restaurant behind the Orange Curtain, I mean in Orange County.  

Located in a shopping center with a Smart & Final, Irrawaddy is a large restaurant, with tables and booths. 

Garlic butter prawns, $14 for dinner, $9 for lunch-chili and bell peppers, with race and salad.  This was pretty good.  The prawns were fresh and well cooked.  I liked the seasoning, not that spicy but it had enough heat. 

Service is good.  Nice friendly people.

I would go back to Irrawaddy, if I decide to make a trip to the Orange Curtain.