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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Fonda Don Chon

Fonda Don Chon
618 E Shoppers Ln
Covina, CA 91723

Fonda Don Chon is located a few doors from the new location of Old World Deli and almost next door to the new location of Buckboard BBQ!  This is an older section of Covina with a couple other restaurants, including a Chinese and an Italian restaurant.

Fonda Don Chon actually has two connecting buildings.  The building where the sign is and the large building to the left.  They have a lunch buffet or you can order off the menu.  We decided to order off the menu.

Two fish tacos, $9.99 with rice and beans and salad.  The fish was sea bass and was fried, then topped with shredded cabbage, creama, and some tomatoes.  This was pretty good.

Salad had the standard veggies and was fresh.  The beans were pretty bland! 

Service was good.  Even though it was busy, most people had the buffet, our server was attentive and helpful.

Most full service Mexican restaurants that I have been to, do not have very good fish tacos.  Especially when you consider the higher price, you're better off going to Taco's Baja!