Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bravo Burgers

Bravo Burgers
14698 Pipeline Ave
Chino Hills, CA 91709

Bravo Burgers is a local chain with another location in Pomona.  Their Chino Hills location is just down the street from 1 + 1 Dumpling and Roscoe's Deli.  It's your typical independent burger restaurant, with a wide variety of items on their menu-burgers to Mexican food.

The dining room is fairly big and was very clean!  They had somebody walking around the dining room cleaning!  At most a table was cleared off 5 minutes after the people left.  And instead of just wiping the crumbs onto the floor and leaving them there; the worker came by and swept the floor!  We were there about 30 minutes and that worker must have swept the floor four times!

Fish taco-tilapia fish with cabbage, cilantro on a flour tortilla, $3.69.  The fish was grill perfectly with a nice flavorful coating.  The cabbage and cilantro were fresh.  There was a bit too much creama, but overall a good taco.

Service was very good.  From the cashier taking our order to the person in the dining room cleaning up!

I was very impressed with Bravo Burgers and I would go back anytime.