Thursday, February 23, 2017

Lobster & Steak Express

Lobster & Steak Express
947 S Glendora Ave
West Covina, CA 91790

About a mile south of Johnny's Shrimp Boat, is a huge plaza of restaurants including Lobster and Steak Express.  There are other Chinese restaurants, along with Pho, Sushi, a diner, and a Mexican restaurant in the plaza!  Parking maybe tough to find on a busy night with all the restaurants.

Shrimp noodles-$6.95.  Noodles were cooked perfectly.  There weren't that many veggies, but the cabbage and carrots were fine.  The shrimp were tough and overcooked.  Portion size was a bit small.  This could be a good dish if they cooked the shrimp correctly.

Pan fried shrimp-$8.99.  I wasn't expecting peel and eat shrimp.  Again the shrimp was overcooked and tough. 

Service was good. 

I'm surprised that a place with lobster in it's name overcooks seafood.  They sell lobster for about $15/lb.  They better know how to cook lobster properly at that price.

I wouldn't go back to Lobster and Steak Express.  Maybe I'm being too tough, but there are many other Chinese restaurants in the area that can cook shrimp properly.