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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Yeast N’ Flour Pizza

Yeast N’ Flour Pizza
231 N Euclid Ave
Ontario, CA 91762

David Allen reviewed Yeast N’ Flour Pizza back in 2016.  I didn't realize Ontario had an interesting downtown, with historic buildings, so I decided to go and get some pizza!! 

Yeast N’ Flour Pizza is on Euclid right in the heart of downtown Ontario.  It's a huge building with high ceilings and TV's all over.  There are tables in the front, and the back wall is the counter and kitchen.  This is fast casual pizza, where you order at the counter and the pizza is taken to your table.

12in build your own pizza, $8.45, with spinach, mushrooms, red onions, and half the pizza with jalapenos.

The crust is outstanding!  Firm and crispy but yet very good texture!  The toppings were fresh and they piled on the cheese!!  An outstanding pizza and better than the other fast casual pizza I've had at Pizza Rev, Blaze, Pieology and Project Pie.

I would go back to  Yeast N’ Flour Pizza, anytime!  They even have a 16in., 12 slices pizza!  Maybe the next time I go here!!