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Monday, June 18, 2018

Little Belize Restaurant

Little Belize Restaurant
217 E Nutwood St
Inglewood, CA 90301

When I found out about Little Belize Restaurant, I was excited to try it, because I've never had Belizean food before.  Located in what looks like an old Roscoe's building, it's a small restaurant with booths and tables, and a counter-where I placed my order to go.

I would looking forward to trying their red snapper, but they only make that on weekends-though they didn't mention that on their website.

Panades - freshly seasoned masa stuffed with our delicious hash fish, and deep fried to perfection – served with our spicy habanero sauce. $3.95

This was an interest dish.  The masa wasn't fried to perfection- the oil temp was too low, and thus the panades were soggy and not crispy!. They also forgot the habenero sauce.  But, the fish was nice and flavorful.  This could have been a very good dish, if they were fried right!

Panades- Freshly seasoned masa stuffed with bean and cheese. – served with our house special tomato and onion sauce. $4.95.  As with the fish panades, the masa wasn't fried at the right temps, making it soggy, and not crispy.  But, the bean and cheese was very good.  This would hold up to any Mexican restaurant bean and cheese burrito! 

Service was very good.  Nice people.  But, I do wish they would indicate on their website, the red snapper dish is only available on weekends.

I may give Little Belize Restaurant, if I'm in the area.  But, I'm not rushing back!