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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Koji Ramen

Koji Ramen
3520 W Temple Ave
Pomona, CA 91768

This space used to be Cantina Express, among many other restaurants-I recall a Chinese buffet in the earl 1990's being in that space.  Two other Japanese restaurants came before Koji Ramen!  The location, near many warehouses and on the way for Cal Poly Pomona students going back home, would seem to make this an ideal spot. So, I'm not sure why this space has so much turnover.  This shopping center is also where JoJo Pizza used to be!

A large restaurant in an irregular shaped room.  The small sushi bar is along the back wall, with tables and chairs spread throughout the restaurant. 

Shrimp tempura- 5 pieces- $6.99.  Frozen, but well cooked and crunchy!  Worth the price. 
 Crunch roll-$7.99-Too much sauce on top is my only complain.  Otherwise a good fresh roll!

Beach roll- $7.99- Avocado, crabmeat, cucumber and red snapper on the outside.  This could have been outstanding except for a tangy sauce on this.  The red snapper was very fresh and the California roll inside was good  But, the tangy sauce, just isn't for me!

Service-Good service.

I would go back to Koji Ramen for the sushi!  Good quality sushi, at very good prices!