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Wednesday, April 4, 2018


714 Foothill Blvd
La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011

Honeybird is another competitor to the fried chicken scene in the LA area.  Howlin Ray's is the most popular with very long lines for their chicken.  Matter of fact, David Allen wrote about his long wait at Howlin' Ray's!  But, even though in 2017 I ate chicken about 10 times, about 1.5%, I missed out on Honeybird.  But, I saw their menu and noticed a fried fish sandwich and a shrimp po'boy.

Located on a very busy stretch of Foothill Blvd., Honeybird is a big restaurant.  There is a parking lot behind the store, but I got lucky and found parking on Foothill.  As you enter from the front, there are tables to your left, and counter with some of their pies displayed.

I got there are Happy Hour, 3-5pm Tues-Fri.  Half off the fish sandwich and $1 off all sides.  All orders are cooked to order, so expect a wait!

PHIL LEE O FISH $10.25 Crispy Whitefish, Lemon Dill Aioli, Homemade Pickles, Tomato, Cabbage. Happy hour price is $5.  The fish I'm pretty sure is swali or catfish.  The guy didn't even know.  He did say it was farmed.  The fish was well cooked, very crispy and good.  But, the sandwich just didn't come together because the bun could not hold up the all the toppings, it just became a mushy mess.

Service was good.  Nice and friendly, but I would like them to know what kind of fish they use for their fish sandwich.

I may come back and try the shrimp po'boy and the fried chicken, but I'm glad I didn't pay full price for the fish sandwich.