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Friday, April 20, 2018

Tummy Stuffer

Tummy Stuffer
5530 Schaefer Ave
Chino, CA 91710

I was in Chino and found Tummy Stuffer by doing a search.  After eating there, I noticed that David Allen reviewed Tummy Stuffer about five years ago.  There are over 101 sandwiches on the menu.  It's a bit deceiving because for roast beef, they have 3-5 different options-with cheese, with other meats like ham, etc.  Plus soups and salads, pasta dishes, fish and chips, and burgers!

I got the provolone, Swiss, pepper and American cheese, #59 on the menu, $6.99, on wheat roll, with mayo, lettuce and tomatoes.  The sandwich was fine, but nothing outstanding.  There were the slices of  cheese on the bottom, both pieces of bread had mayo, and a good amount of lettuce and tomatoes.  All the ingredients were fresh.

Service was ok.  The people are nice.  But, it took forever to make my sandwich,  Maybe they had a big to go order; but whatever the reason my sandwich took about 15 minutes and there were only two other people who came in after me.  I was charged tax for the sandwich.  When I go to almost every sandwich shop, I do not get charged for a cold sandwich.

If you're like me and don't want to support a national chain, Tummy Stuffer, is a good alternative.  But, really you're getting chain quality sandwiches.